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P.S.A.'S · 9th January 2012
Terrace Daily News
Planes are arriving at the Terrace Airport with media and participants for the National Energy Board (NEB) Joint Review Panel (JRP) hearings to be held in Kitamaat Village tomorrow, Tuesday, January 10. We have received calls concerning statements made by some of the passengers.

“We are paid protesters”, stated one among a group, as reported to us “We are coming to discover the emotional issues of the people at the protests.”

No legitimate group pays for protesters. This is a tactic various government agencies around the world use. In Quebec, during the WTO protests, police were sent in disguised as protesters to provoke violence. In various countries across the globe the CIA has been exposed for funding opposition protests to provoke a desired reaction.

Today the Canadian Government is complaining about the delay in the approval process. Minister Oliver is stating they will be reducing the approval time period.

Today we also have word that paid protesters are arriving.

Are they paid by pro pipeline groups? Ethical Oil? Are they paid by the RCMP? CSIS? The Conservative Party of Canada? Suncor? CAPP?

Who pays for protesters?

This is a blunt warning to everyone who attends these hearings!

Never has there been anything violent or even slightly disruptive at any of the hearings on these issues, on any pipeline or industrial project.

Do not let the radical conservative right wing groups hi-jack the peaceful opposition you have maintained!

Beginning with the protest rally and march against Royal Dutch Shell and their plans for fracking in the headwaters of the three major rivers, the Stikine, the Nass and the Skeena, at the Klappan Groundhog coal reserves, where the protesters peacefully entered and engaged with the Royal Dutch Shell public relations operatives *Read a report on a gathering in Hazelton here and Read a report on the rally in Terrace here to the last JRP panel hearings in Kitimat at the end of August 2010, including all the information forums in Kitimat, Smithers, Terrace and Prince Rupert, there has never been a single incident of disturbance.

Any disturbance now, during these specific intervener hearing sessions in Kitamaat Village, will be caused by outside, agent provocateurs. We reported on a secret Private Military Contractor operation being set up with the cooperation of a former Chief Councillor of Kitamaat Village. International interests are at work attempting to use subterfuge to effect their plans and operations.
Read about them here**

Be on guard and very wary. Do not engage in any violent behaviour. Leave that to the operatives and expose them. Keep your cell phone cameras ready, watch for people you do not know, ask questions. Stand on guard for Thee. Oh Canada.
Agent provocateurs - I missed 'em...
Comment by Allan Hewitson on 19th January 2012
Sorry I was there at the opening...the only thing I saw outside was Danny Nunes, dressed as Super Mario holding a placard that said "I love (heart) pipelines."
He was not permitted inside, I understand. Otherwise matters went as expected, dancers, welcomes, presentations
no fuss.
whose protesters?
Comment by djb on 10th January 2012
Leaving aside from the fact this is all hearsay( which you are careful to note -" as reported to us"),what evidence is there to suggest these 'paid protesters" are sent by the pro enbridge side of this debate? They could just as well be environmentalists with an urge to express themselves, and be paid as as added bonus. Dont ya just love a good conspiracy theory?
Comment by Linda Halyk on 9th January 2012
A lot of us are Grandma's, Grandpa's and retired people, who want to save the beauty we live in for the future children.

We will not be pushed to violence, we will listen, we will tell the truth, not like our leaders, who now have the right to lie to us.

I thought as the Prime Minister it was your duty to protect the country and it's people. If you can't and you won't Mr Harper step down.

It is not any of these people: Harper,Oliver,Flarhety,Carruthers.Kathyrn, USA, China,Alberta,Enbridge CEO who live here and will have to clean the spill.
It is the First Nations and us who will get sick cleaning the mess.
jimmy hoffa
Comment by al earl on 9th January 2012
sounds to me that Enbride and their silent partner, also known as the Canadian government, are worried and hired Jimmy Hoffa to organize a rally.
Well Jimmy, go back to your underground stadium, fear mongering does not work here, nor does kidergarten bullying tactics, we love our country, brothers and sisters and the natural enviroment we call home.
Your hitmen should look around and see what they are fighting against, betcha they will change their minds when they meet the people.
hate makes for a poor neighbor, grow up