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REPORTING · 8th January 2012
Walter McFarlane
Mayor Joanne Monaghan called the regular meeting of Council to order on January 3rd with her usual announcement of good news.

“I want to wish you all a very happy, and a very prosperous new year. Kitimat, you now have a new Council and we look forward to working together in a [functional] manner. We have a new CAO, Ron Poole, to guide us through 2012 and the years to come. Your Council and Mayor look forward to great things happening in Kitimat in 2012,” said Monaghan.

Giving examples, she mentioned the rebuild of Rio Tinto Alcan, the construction of Apache’s build site, the start up of BC LNG and Shell Canada building on Methanex’s site in the fall. She also mentioned Pytrade starts in the spring.

The housing committee is meeting and looking into what kinds of housing they need, the ferry task force is getting the data and bringing the parties together and building a wharf is still a priority and the work is in progress.

“The mall is getting a facelift and some new tenants and an added motel. And of course, Tim Horton’s has given their official announcement as to locating in Kitimat and chosen their site,” said Monaghan.

She expressed Council wishes to have a good relationship with the Haisla Nation. Monaghan concluded by hoping 2012 would be better then 2011.

We at the Kitimat Daily have contacted Tim Horton’s Media Contacts with inquiries about their land purchase. They have yet to get back to us.
Food for thought.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 8th January 2012
If we want to get rid of one layer of red tape , it is time for RTA to give up the rest of the 100,000 acres they were given to build up the smelter in Kitimat. This would mean that when somebody wants to set up shop here they only have to negotiate with the District of Kitimat and the natives . RTA would not be involved in the equation and would not have a say in any business that might be in competition with them directly or indirectly.