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Food donations.
CONTRIBUTION · 6th January 2012
Melanie Smoke
Some people have said we were getting paid from US foundations. We are not getting paid from any organization or anyone for that matter.

We are 100% volunteer driven and we do get donations from our people and non first nations people who support our cause, like time, shelter, food, blankets, firewood, and money.

Our purpose of the "Gitxsan Unity Movement" is to re-establish unity with our people as well as all nations and protect our traditional laws and culture.

MY Teachings:
One of our oldest and most important traditional laws and responsibilities of being Gitxsan and a chief is to protect 'the land & waters which we are the care takers of'.

When you are in line to be a hereditary chief you are primed and taught this from a very young age.

When I was a little girl I was walked down to the river in Kispiox BC with my grand mother and mother and was told to take my socks and shoes off and stand in the river with a cedar branch in one hand and a handful of the river mud in other. My grand mother was talking in her Gitxsan language and my mother said ' feel the power of the water on your feet , feel the air on your face, feel the power of the earth and medicine in your hands.

This is mother earth talking to you. You must only take what you need and leave the rest. It is your job to take care of mother earth , she feeds you, and all living things. You must speak for her because she can not speak for herself. When you take anything, you say a prayer thanking her for her offering and you leave something in return as an offering for her. You must teach your children and grand children these lessons'.

The reason I remember this is because my feet and legs were freezing and when my grandmother and mom were holding my hands up with the cedar and earth in my hands I started to feel warm. As my mother spoke I was no longer cold. I remember feeling a calm warming sensation when I was asked to focus on the elements around me and in my hands. I was reminded of these lessons and many other laws as i grew up.

Our people feel very connected & respect everything in our environment . I was told that this is a link to the creator.

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Time donations.
Time donations.
Visitors come share songs and stories
Visitors come share songs and stories
Sharing of food, shelter and lotsa love
Sharing of food, shelter and lotsa love
Renewing our relationships.
Renewing our relationships.
Grants made
Comment by Sigfus Arnfinson on 6th January 2012
U.S. tax returns for 2008 show that Tides Canada paid two coastal First Nations US$27.3-million in a single grant. This mega-grant was "to fund conservation planning projects and conservation initiatives" and was earmarked for the Nuxalk and the Lax Kw'alaams. Tides Canada's objective was to pay for "Mobilizing First Nations Against Climate Change in B.C." and for "support of Coastal First Nations to hire a co-ordinator to engage with government, industry, environmental groups, media and the public regarding the proposed Enbridge Gateway tar sands pipeline."