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REPORTING · 6th January 2012
Walter McFarlane
For the fourth time since October, snow clearing came up at City Council. It was during their regular meeting on Tuesday, January 3rd. It was not on the agenda, but Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted it under Unfinished Business.

“We received letters from a few parents on snow removal in Nechako Center Parking Lot and I was just curious as to when that would be coming back to us. Not the overall snow removal for the whole town, just the snow issues in that parking lot,” said Feldhoff.

Municipal Manager Ron Poole stated the District was brining forth a report which deals with the overall policy.

Feldhoff expressed if this was coming back at the meeting on the 16th, it was fine with him. Mayor Joanne Monaghan said it would be coming back on the 16th.
Re: Mr
Comment by Susie Barbosa on 8th January 2012
With the closure of Roy Wilcox school, it was decided that Nechako Centre parking lot would be used as a drop off and pick up zone for the children attending the school. The extra snow removal is not being done for the businesses in that area, but for the children to be able to get to the designated zone. With the increased number of children not living in the catchment area, more parents would be driving their children to school and there was concern this would be a safety issue in the smaller parking lot at the school. Not all the children are taking the bus. The Nechako School parking lot is supposed to be only used for the school buses. There were transition meeting discussions about this with Parent Committees, School Board and District of Kitimat and we were reassured that the parking lot would be maintained. It has become frustrating for many parents as we can see that this a major accident waiting to happen as there has been numerous close encounters with large snowhills causing cars to have blindspots, parents not being able to enter into the parking lot to drop their children off, and a large amount of traffic being in a smaller area when the snow has not been cleared adequately. As you can imagine cars, snow and children running every which way..not a good thing.
So I guess to answer your question about tax payers having to foot the bill, I personally have no problems having my tax dollars being spent to ensure that the children in our community can have access to their school in a safe environment. However, some people could and there are transition funds that were set aside for these sorts of things.
We have been expressing our concerns since November.
Comment by Curious on 6th January 2012
I would like to know why the District should spend tax dollars clearing snow in this parking lot. I understand there are several buisness's still operating there but why clear the entire parking lot at a cost of ? to the taxpayer?