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CONTRIBUTION · 4th January 2012
Randy Halyk
Who was the brainiac that came up with this concept of building massive machines and infrastructure that use astronomical amounts of energy?

To Excavate massive quantities of earth (more energy)cooking it with water (more energy)thatís pumped for kilometers (more energy) and mixed with poisonous chemicals that are produced half way around the world and shipped in tankers that are patently inefficient and massively polluting (more energy).

Taking the product of all that highly subsidized effort (more energy)and pumping it to Kitimat (more energy) where it is stored in heated tanks (more energy) then pumped into tankers (more energy) shipped to god knows were (more energy) with a built in loss % to cover the cost of spills (more energy).

Once delivered pumped into huge heated tanks (more energy) and stored until needed (more energy) then refined into useable petroleum products (more energy).

Then shipped to resellers (more energy) packaged (more energy) distributed to wholesalers (more energy) then sent on to retailers (more energy) once in their hands it is stored yet again (more energy) until sold to consumers that use (more energy) to acquire the product which they use in inefficient ways (more energy) to lubricate, power or otherwise manipulate (more energy) to enhance our lives.

Thatís not the end of the story though (more energy) is used in the manipulation of the product i.e. raw plastics production (more energy) next production of products made from plastics (more energy) and all the shipping that is required to move these products to market (more energy) and letís not forget the packaging of those products (more energy).

Where still not done there is the whole process of recycling or remediation of the cleanup or the landfill costs. (more and more energy) Then there is mitigating the results of the pollution caused by using all this energy (more energy), green house gas and climate change costs (more energy). There is no value in something that costs more than it gives.

This is why intellectuals have spoken against fossil fuel proliferation for so long these learned men and women arenít blinded by the all mighty dollar or promises of some high ranking job or position all they are concerned about are protecting you and me and themselves from the inevitable if we continue to go down this path.

Your assignment if you wish to accept it! is to find alternate forms of energy and ways to use it that are sensible, require less shipping or can be locally produced, are earth friendly and renewable. Many have started already and are showing much success do you accept?
That Smell!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 5th January 2012
A friend who works in Fort Mac but resides in Kitimat told me, everytime he returns there the smell is nausiating and permeates the air! One thing we don't want here is that bloody TAR-SAND smell permeating everything! Don't miss that Eurocan smell at all since they decided to pull out! If there is odor there is particulate in the air, with raised levels of cancer in our community directly related to industry, elevated levels of cancers showing up in the TAR-SANDS area do we really want to risk bringing the pipeline here, I can smell that crap already!