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COMMENTARY · 30th December 2011
Linda Halyk
Mr. Harper if for one minute you expect BC to roll over and allow you to destroy our province like you are destroying Alberta, the province of your birth, you are more dillusional then I thought.

First and formost is the lands that you want this pipeline to traverse, belong to many First Nations Peoples, they have not ceded those lands to the Government. The First Nations Chiefs have signed agreements to protect their territories. Why has this declaration not been recognized by the government of the day? Why has your government not been in talks or negotiations with BC's First Nations? Do you plan on just running rough shod right over them and the rest of the citizens of BC?

The tarsands are not overwhelmingly necessary for Canada, BC, Alberta or the World. You say they are good for the economy of Canada and the World, most importantly the World, right?

Show us the overwhelming economic value to Canada. Many of us would really like to see those numbers. The only overwhelming factor in this whole scandal is that there is oil in that there sand and we best be getting her out before the world isn't dependant on it anymore. This is the dirtiest unethical oil in the world, countries and companies are boycotting tarsands oil, this should be telling you something.

Given that the economic numbers are accurate and realistic, the cost to clean up a spill will OVERWHELMING negate any profits. Enbridge's track record is so poor that to rely on their promises is ludicrous. The contingency fund will not be anywhere near enough, and since you pulled out of Kyoto do you think anyone will come to your rescue.

You have slapped these people in the face on the world stage. Look around the world and see the oil spill damage that is happening right now, Kalamazoo, Gulf of Mexico, Nigeria, New Zealand, etc. These spills are crude oil, not condensate laced bitumen( dilbit), they know how to clean up crude, they don't have the technology to clean dilbit. How much more damage do you, and yes I am putting it firmly on your shoulders, want this world to take?

Again you are shipping our raw resources out of the country, how many more jobs do we need to lose to the US and Asia?

You are the leader of Canada not the world. You should take care of your own backyard first. Canada also depends on oil, do we have reserves? NO? Why not?

You have now provided the oil companies access and rights to the tarsands and dollars to doughnuts no provisions made that there is a reserve to be left for Canada. No rights for British Columbians to say no to a disaster on our land and rivers in the making. I'm not even going to get into the numerous hazards and disasters that will take place on the ocean and the Douglas Channel from tankers.

I just realized why you pulled out of Kyoto. Now you won't have to worry about complying so you can continue to enlarge the carbon footprint of the tarsands, destroy watersheds and groundwater, pollute rivers, the atmosphere, use enough energy to heat three million homes, cause Canadian citizens to die, just to move a raw resource out of Canada to be refined elsewhere and no Accord to follow.