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COMMENTARY · 28th December 2011
Merv Ritchie
The year is 2013. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) collapsed in 2012 attempting to sustain the European Union, which in turn had all western nations in financial turmoil.

During the previous three decades the IMF had helped to stabilize many countries and their currencies. The international financial collapse began during the 1970's and the 1980's in Central and South America. The IMF supported the failing economies but offered loan payment assistance only if the sovereign countries agreed to the IMF demands of austerity measures.

In the 1990's and early 2000's the South Asian Countries faced the same dilemma. They were unable to pay the debts from the loans provided to them by the international bankers. They turned to the IMF for support. The same demands were made; privatization and austerity measures.

The IMF even intervened in Canada’s financial independence by critiquing the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation in December of 2011 without even being asked by anyone. Read about it here.

Then in 2011 and 2012 the European nations themselves, those who were the backbone of the IMF, fell into financial crisis and they couldn’t even bail themselves out so they turned to the only country who had capital, China.

China had for years been promoting their efficiency and competiveness to the west. Most international businesses had taken to using the Chinese to produce their products. The mass quantity and hugely reduced production costs were irresistible. Even though most corporations were aware of the reduced quality and the severe, restrictive and hazardous working conditions but the profits were too attractive to avoid.

China had for two decades become the West's manufacturing Mecca, amassing fortunes. The International Community and the IMF now turned to China who was holding this wealth to solve their dilemma.

Read how in December 2011 the Director of the IMF encouraged all member countries to accept China as a full voting and rule making member by clicking here.

Like the IMF, China then demanded countries who required their assistance impose measures similar to the demands previously required by the IMF. The IMF had imposed new banking standards, reduced pensions, increases in the retirement age, selling of national infrastructure, political structural changes and much more. The Chinese demanded changes to freedom of speech and expression.

To lend money to a struggling country China demanded stability. Much like their own country, writers and media critiquing the government and its actions would no longer be tolerated. The general population was expected to simply participate and follow the directives of the government. No longer would anyone be allowed to demand the government answer questions regarding the actions they were undertaking.

If China was going to participate in this world financial stability action, the same measures the Chinese Government had implemented to make their own economy strong and reliable would need to be instituted in the recipient countries. Those who spoke out against the direction and decisions of the ruling Party would need to be arrested and jailed. Dissidence would no longer be tolerated. New internment facilities or jails would need to be constructed for the dissident Canadians.

In fact, China quietly informed all governments of the western world, even if you didn't need their assistance all Western Nations would need to comply and follow suit for their participation in this global rescue plan.

A Bloodless War and it has already been Won . . . and Lost!

We are likely only a year or two away.

I am proud to be a dissident. Who will stand with me? Today China jails writers. Those who simply put thoughts to paper. Our Provincial and Federal leaders do not protest even as much as saying "Gee, you really shouldn't do that." Read More here.

No sanctions, no apartheid style boycotts, just a meek shrug of the shoulders.

Our Spy agency, CSIS, exposes China for infiltration of our political structure and not even a meek response, nothing. Details Here

China is exposed for breaking into the computer systems of our government and the most prestigious law firms in the country and we get nothing from our Prime Minister except an expression of 'Damn the protestors, we are shipping our Tar Sands Crude to China come hell or high water!' Details here.

BC's Government simply plays along stating BC doesn't belong to the people of BC (Details Here)and allows logging practices more damaging than the 1950's to satisfy Chinas' demands.

I am a dissident Canadian and I will stand in protest against our sovereign Government refusing to stand in protest for the dissident Chinese citizen. Damn you Stephen Harper, Christy Clark and all the elected government and Opposition Ministers who stay silent.
Sounds ominous.
Comment by Per Norman on 30th December 2011
We have to inform and appeal to the people to do the right things to avert scenarious like this before too late. But then - people don't read writings like this, they don't want to get involved, it's too upsetting, others will deal with potantial problems, and won't the politicians we voted for keep things in good order?
Yes, we have to get the message out while we still have an internet and freedom of assembly, and before all these new jails are built (what are these jails going to be needed for, by the way?).

Another Dissident Canadian
Comment by Linda Halyk on 29th December 2011
I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you Merv.
I read and listen to our Leaders of today and it actually breaks my heart. To think they are going to allow the earth and our lives to be destroyed for the almighty buck.
I get angry for my Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren who will suffer if we allow this too happen.
Come stand with me, let us not be silent Canadians any more, let us be proud and stand for our rights and freedoms in Canada and also for the rest of the world.

Mr. Harper your HELL or HIGH WATER has arrived, there is no "we", there is only us and (your we) will not ship Tar Sands to China or the U.S.