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REPORTING · 24th December 2011
Walter McFarlane
Discussion on the first phase of the Kitimat LNG Camp project was discussed at Council on Monday, December 19th. The camps are scheduled to be constructed in the former Eurocan Parking Lot. The constructing includes a fly camp and phase one camp.

Council moved to approve the application for the construction of the temporary construction camp. Councillor Mario Feldhoff had questions and concerns about the project which he directed to Administration. However, there was someone from the Kitimat LNG project to answer the questions.

Duncan Brown, the first LNG representative in Kitimat stepped forward to answer questions. Brown explained he has been in Kitimat for two days. Councillor Rob Goffinet gave him leave to speak to the proposal.

While he was not privy to much of what went on between Engineering and LNG, he was able to answer some questions.

Brown explained the fly camp would be the temporary camp for building camp one. It would set up the power, water and trailers, getting the site ready for the work force. They are expecting between 300 and 600 people in camp one and the sewage system already on site should be able to accommodate them.

Councillor Edwin Empinado asked if there was an opportunity for the temporary workers to live in town as well. Brown was uncertain but hoped they would live in camp. He could not see any restrictions on why they could not take rentals or buy a home.

Empinado also asked if he would attend the impact committee. Brown agreed.

The motions were carried.