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REPORTING · 22nd December 2011
Vancouver Observer
(and all of Canada), not just B.C.

BC Premier Christy Clark said the west coast "doesn't just belong to British Columbia", but some British Columbians disagree.

"British Columbia's coast does not just belong to British Columbia,” BC Premier Christy Clark said last week. The statement has sparked both environmental and economic discussions about responsibilities and rights to British Columbia’s coast.

“It belongs to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces and it's essential that our ports and our infrastructure all across the west are functioning as well as they possibly can, because that's what allows trade to flow outside our country and that's what puts people to work," Clark said.

She made the controversial comment during a discussion with other provincial leaders from Alberta and Saskatchewan over energy strategy and the Northern Gateway pipeline.

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well said
Comment by Jim on 23rd December 2011
Well said Larry this is Canadas coast, it just happens to be in BC. and we need to trade our resources with the world, not just the US.
No Way Not For Sale
Comment by Linda Halyk on 22nd December 2011
This the First Nations and the residents of BC's' Coast and it is not for sale. No one is going to take care of our Coast if we don't. Alberta surely won't care, look what they are allowing in their backyard. Saskatchewan and Manitoba's watershed is already in danger from the tar sands work, the Athabaska is one of the largest watersheds in the world. People are sick and dieing from leaking tailing ponds.

No one is going to come running to B.C.'s aide when the oil spill happens, no one is going to help us pay for the clean up. Enbridge sure can't be trusted. Are the rest of the provinces going to chip in to find us jobs or homes to live in or even to feed us? Are they going to be willing to share their jobs with us, their doctors, their schools, their daycares, their health facilities? When a spill happens on the Northern Gateway pipeline and or in the Douglas Channel or a tanker on the coast, B.C. as we know it today will die. No water, no life. There is no way to clean this dilbit (diluted bitumen) up, they don't have the knowledge yet, never mind the terrain it is rough and dangerous.

Seems today that it is the norm for all politicians of all ranks from Municipal to the head of the Country to lie to the people. What happened to honest government? What happened to leading by example? What happened to abiding by the laws of the land? What happened to taking care of your constituants? What about keeping promises?
What about taking care of the world?

I think the Canadian political scene has gone mad, from the top to the very bottom. It must be that trickle down theory.
The head of our country who won a marority government has become a dictator and seems willing to sell us out to the lowest bidder, he pulls out of global environmental organizations and ships our jobs out of the country.
To a provincial leader who only wants her picture taken at sporting venues, whose job creation program is a farce unless you live in Asia or the U.S. and who can't close the purse on severance packages, while throwing disabled people to the street.
To a Municipal leader with no respect for the law or it's officials.

They're all Mad I say. All Mad.

Is there something in their water or is it their political stripes?

Keep our raw resources, renewable or not, refine them, manufacture them, here in Canada, under our safety standards, under our own environmental regulations, for jobs for Canadians first.

listen Up
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 22nd December 2011
If our coast belongs to Aberta, then do their resources belong to Us in BC. I don't think they are willing to fork over any cash for our share of their oil and gas riches are they. So take a hike
I agree with the Premier
Comment by Larry Thompson on 22nd December 2011
We need to trade East-West all across Canada. We can't continue to rely on shipping all our stuff to the states!