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REPORTING · 13th December 2011
Walter McFarlane
Tom Berratt, a landscape architect stepped up to speak to Kitimat City Council on November 21st to present recommendations for increasing the amount of campsites at Radley Park. He expressed an interest in the project as he played their as a child while his father fished.

“The mandate I was given, one, there was an interest to replace the lost sites and in any kind of improvement or expansion, new roads, you wanted to maximize the sites, few roads and greater value for your expenses. You wanted to accommodate large RVs or basically fifth wheels […] your maximum allowable vehicle length which is 60’, your pick up truck and fifth wheel. And thirdly that you would phase it over time so that you would perhaps replace the sites that were loss, take you back to where you were, have some improvement and know what your next steps are,” said Berratt.

The refurbished park would expand into the hump, between the current park and the dyke. A one way main road would provide access around the campsite and the campsites would be constructed off of side roads.

Berratt Expressed following the upgrade will make Radley a more desirable park to go to. “I think you have a lot of people who chose RV Sites by what they are rather then where they are,” said Berratt. “It has a huge amount of potential.”

Councillor Corrine Scott wanted to know if any of the sites had utilities. All the new sites will have electrical as it is expected of campgrounds. There are sanitation stations in the camp so a decision can be made whether or not to take water to every site or build a new washroom building.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff wanted a copy of the report. The report will be available at City Hall.

Radley Park will return in the Budget Negotiations for 2012.