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REPORTING · 8th December 2011
Randy Halyk
Enbridge is promoting a conspiracy theory. Billion dollar US based NGOís (Non Government Organizations) are backing all the opposition to their Northern Gateway pipeline project and in doing so are undermining Canada.

Normally this kind of Conspiracy Theory is discounted as just another spin doctor ploy and forgotten, but as the arguments supporting this project become weaker and harder to prove Enbridge has given this idiocy life as a way to support the inconvenient truth that there is no good reason to go ahead with this project.

Even Prime Minister Harper is using this spin to qualify his position; the old wedge politics at work again, find a scapegoat to blame when you donít have a real argument. When Prime Minister Harper pulled funding from PNCIMA (Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area) and used this conspiracy theory as his reason for doing so it became abundantly clear that he is but a puppet to Enbridge and big Oil.

Letís look at this theory closer there are perhaps a dozen major philanthropic funders based in the United States, I have chosen two.

There is a trail of NGO funding leading to BC and indeed around the world, for example. PNCIMA has the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as one of their benefactors. This organization has been around for 70 years and fund worthy causes worldwide, there web site is worth a read. They support things like, the California Institute of Technology , University of California Science, Environment, and Conservation.

In BC they also support, Forest Ethics, , Bulkley Valley Research Centre , Coastal First Nations University of Victoria, , World Wildlife Fund Canada, , David Suzuki Foundation, , Pacific Salmon Foundation and others

Another is the OAK Foundation they to fund BC environmental initiatives please check out their web site. They fund things like Anti Child Abuse efforts, Housing and Homelessness, International Human Rights, etc. During the 2010 calendar year, Oak Foundation, including Oak Foundation Denmark and Oak Zimbabwe Foundation, made 289 programmatic grants for a total of USD 116.72 million. These grants supported 271 organizations headquartered in 41 countries. The work of these organizations is carried out throughout the world.

In Canada they support organizations like, University of Victoria, , University of British Columbia, , Kinsa Foundation, ,Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and many others.

All these organizations that put Billions of dollars into worthy causes in BC and across Canada truly do add value to the health and economy of our society in a truly positive and meaningful way and should be praised not vilified for their generosity.

I suspect Enbridge considers all of these organizations especially the Universities to be subversive and dangerous to their truth and ideology. On the other hand Prime Minister Harper has no excuse calling into question the ethics of these prestigious organizations. Our PM must look beyond the Oil patch spin and conduct himself accordingly after all Canadian citizens not Industrialists are his true constituents or should be.