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REPORTING · 12th December 2011
Walter McFarlane
Now with Gerry Hummal Cartoon. Full sized drawing attached below

Mayor of Kitimat, Joanne Monaghan, was in court on Thursday, December 8th. The issue at hand regarded a series of events in 2009 involving Squirrel / Bird Feeders in her backyard. Jack Talstra, the Former Mayor of Terrace, was representing Monaghan while Judith Doulis represented Environmental Crown Council.

The series of events was related to the court. The Conservation Officer came to inspect Monaghan’s property after receiving a complaint about her attracting dangerous wildlife into her neighbourhood as well as an inappropriate use of bear bangers, which were being fired off three times a day. The bears were becoming accustomed to the noise and were being driven into yards where young children play.

The incident began on the wrong foot. The senior Conservation Office, who has worked with Mayor Joanne Monaghan in the past, sent in a Junior Officer, who was not experienced with her, to investigate. He arrived on July 10th, when Monaghan was in the shower. She greeted him through the window in a towel, with a cell phone in her hand.

She told the Officer to go away as he was harassing her. She also told him he was not allowed to go into the back yard. The Conservation Officer however did not need her permission as he was acting on a complaint. A Conservation Officer can inspect a private property, but they cannot inspect the inside of a house.

The Officer found the bird seed was between 2 and 4 inches thick on the ground. Monaghan was given 5 days to clean up the property and remove the attraction. She signed under protest and suggested she be arrested. It was explained the 5 days was a lot more time than usual. Normally the Conservation Officers give a single day.

The Conservation Officers were unable to inspect the clean up until July 29th. When they showed up, Monaghan called the Police on them and an RCMP Officer attended. They found the seeds had been partially cleaned up, but the feeders had been refilled. Monaghan was asked to remove the bird seed from all the feeders.

Monaghan accused the Conservation Officer of targeting her because she was a member of the Bear Care Committee and the Mayor of Kitimat. This time, she was issued a warning ticket and told to clean up the bird seed or she would get a new Dangerous Wildlife Protection Order and the enforcement actions would be stacked up.

She called them liars and accused the Conservation Officer of trying to get into her house and take pictures of her in a towel.

On August 4th, the Conservation Officer and the RCMP attended again. This time, the seeds were 15 to 20 centimetres (6 to 8 inches) deep. She failed to comply and was issued another Dangerous Wildlife Protection Order. On August 11th, she was served another order. It was stated in court she suggested they arrest her so she could take Computer Courses in Jail. She was told to clean up the seeds. She told them to arrest her and serve 5 other tickets to people with bird feeders.

On the 18th, she was given yet another ticket. Monaghan ripped up this ticket and tried to place it back in the officer’s pocket. She was told once more to remove all the feeders. Monaghan replied she was not going to and proceeded to tear up the Dangerous Wildlife Protection Order she had just been handed. She then told the RCMP officers they have better things to do with their time.

Doulis said this is a tier two offence, with a fine of no more then $100,000 or a year in prison or both. Creative sentencing could apply. This is an issue where the public safety of a neighbourhood came into question and she wanted to send a clear strong message concerning items which could attract bears into a community.

As a member of the Bear Care Committee, as well as the chair, Monaghan had a clear idea of what attracted bears into neighbourhoods and that bird seed is one of those attractants. Her name and address is found in a pamphlet which has this information. The Conservation Officers have also provided the information to Council meetings where she has been in attendance. In addition, biologists argue birds do not need to be fed during the spring, summer and fall months, just during the winter while the bears den.

It was also pointed out in the past Monaghan tried to chase down a pair of Conservation Officers as they were removing a bear from the community in their truck. Crown argued she had shown no responsibility or remorse on this issue. In regards to the Conservation Officers she was not truthful and even inflammatory.

The Crown recommended a $100 fine, a $1,100 donation to the Northern Lights Wildlife Association, and Monaghan would not be able to set up a feeder in her backyard for two years. However, the trial was not over.

Simon Cammish, the Mayor’s Husband, was called to the stand to speak about the Bird feeders. He cleans up the seeds 3 times a year as his wife is not able to do so. There is a large fence around the property and bears can not climb over it. They only had 2-3 bears in the yard during the 40 years they had owned the house, and this was all in 2009.

Upon the first visit of the Conservation Officer, Cammish searched the fence and found a neighbour had left a trailer next to it which the bears could access the property. He asked the neighbour to move the trailer and the problem was solved. No further bears in the yard. He made an effort to clean up the mess but was tardy and wanted to apologize to the Conservation Officer.

As bird watching is therapeutic to him and his wife, he offered to make a containment area for the seeds or work with the Conservation Officers to find a means where they could keep the bird feeders and not attract bears.

When asked if the scent of the seeds could be attracting bears to other yards, he replied the neighbours have a mountain ash tree and an apple tree in their yards and bears are always in the two looking for food. He has done everything to keep the bears from getting into his yard.

Cammish was also asked why he saw things differently than the Conservation Officer. Cammish replied the officer was a junior officer and did not look at the bigger picture, how the bears got into the yard. If they had, they would have looked at the trailer first and ignored the seeds. He experiences the same problem with his apprentices. He was told the Conservation Officers do have experts which they consult with. Cammish saw the fence as a solution to the problem as it deterred the bears from getting to the seeds.

Talstra concluded there is not a ban on bird feeders in Kitimat. There have only been three bears on the property and only two bear bangers were used to scare the bears away. Two years have gone by since this happened and there were no bears during this time so the Monaghan household prohibition on bird feeders had already passed. He also gave the court a history of Monaghan’s distinguished career as a politician. He agreed with the rest of the conditions but suggested a 72 hour notice on inspections. He added Monaghan is a trained Bear Whisperer

Doulis argued the Monaghan household did what they felt like, not what they were told to do by the Conservation Officer. This is why the prohibition was recommended.

Monaghan had a chance to speak, she told the court she has lived in the house for forty years, and during this time, they have only had 3 bears in the back yard, and this is because of a trailer.

The Judge, the Honourable Seidemann III, agreed with Talstra. Monaghan has had a very distinguished record. However, this was all her fault and she was the one who started it. Someone phoned in a complaint. The Conservation Officer who showed up did not know Monaghan but he tried to solve the problem. If she had cooperated, they probably would have discovered the trailer in the back yard. However, because she was upset, she escalated the problem.

At this point in the trial, Joanne Monaghan tried to cut the judge off and was stopped short. Seidemann explained: this is the point where he delivers a verdict and it is the only time he is permitted to speak during a trial and he is to do so without interruption. Monaghan apologized as this was her first time in court.

Seidemann told Monaghan Conservation Officers are entitled to be given respect and the assumption they are acting properly. The Conservation Officer was acting responsibly and he was not given respect or cooperation.

Mayor Joanne Monaghan was fined $100, a court order to donate $1100 to the Northern Lights Wildlife Association. She has to remove all attractants from her yard as soon as the weather permits and she is not allowed to have a feeder between April and October in 2012. In 2013, she cannot have a feeder except where approved by the Conservation Officers. The Conservation Officers can inspect to ensure compliance but they have to give 48 hour notice.

As she was leaving the court, she pondered aloud a question: What would happen to the other 500 Bird Feeders in Kitimat. Her lawyer reminded her quickly, court was still in session.
The last word from the managing editor
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 13th December 2011
This story was a factual account of an embarrassing episode involving the Mayor of Kitimat and her inability to maintain any sense of dignity and proper conduct. She clearly demonstrated her belief in her own authority being greater than that of the Conservation Officers and the police. This even extended to her talking back to the Judge which had her Lawyer restrain her.

She even called in a reporter to cover this trial expecting, one supposes to be vindicated for her behaviour.

If this had been one of the younger residents of Kitimat wearing sneakers and a hoodie the good Judge would have had likely issued time behind bars for this intransigent behaviour. It was and is inexcusable.

This morning the Mayor was on CBC attempting to justify the Bear Whispering comment made at the trial. This idiotic rambling had nothing to do with the trial of the facts.

The facts were she ignored direct orders, repeatedly and then attempted to chastise the Judge.

The Bear Whisperer is the name of a website nothing more and has nothing to do with this story except to add to the foolishness of the entire action initiated and promoted by the Mayor of Kitimat.

The comments are now closed.

The community of Kitimat must reflect on this internally without the addition of comments on this site. Personally the belief of the editorial staff is the exposure of this behaviour was and is entirely appropriate and has nothing to do with bullying. The Mayor herself exacerbated the issue such that it ended up before a Judge. It could very well have ended up as a criminal charge. There is nothing bullying about exposing this behaviour of the highest elected official of the District of Kitimat.

This is the duty of the media.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 13th December 2011
It is one thing to say your unhappy with someones actions but certain people have taken this to another level and at the very least it is bullying.I certainly hope that people from outside our community who are reading these articles realize that the majority of our citizens are not self rightous bullies and that we do have a life outside of bashing our Mayor.If your so curious about bear whispering google it.Because its not your thing doesnt mean its a bad thing.Where were all of you last year when it was made public that some candidates were asked not to run in the byelection.We never heard a peep out of any of you.Interesting.
Comment by Danny Nunes on 13th December 2011
When you are a public figure you are open to public scrutiny...cant handle it? then dont run for political office.

As for bullying...oh how cute the adults all of a sudden want to end that and give the kids a good example....oh this is a good one.

The adult based on BULLYING!!

We just give it a more PC term in hopes the kids dont see through the lies ..they do.

Turn on the tv and watch any news program, watch a debate in the house of commons , a press conference....we are a society that loves this stuff...dont pretend you dont enjoy it.

These comments are nothing....just go visit the CBC news sites and comments....compared to that these comments are as wholesome as Sesame Street.

Oh when are we finally going to take off these masks we wear and put an end to this notion of neutrality, unbiased facts and opinions, and unity.

You want division, you want a team to be on and compete against the other side. You win.

You want your ideology to win, you want your political slant

But you cant win...ever...not really.

Peace, unity...sounds good on the surface but can never be achieved because it goes against the very nature of humanity...the notion of only one voice, one vision, one way of repulsive....its what many have tried to do in fact....its led to war, holocausts, death and devastation.

Your social and economic structures are collapsing around you and you barely notice but it doesnt was inevitable because as people we are by instinct creatures who want to win and any cost.

You cant fight your own human nature. Sooner or later you give in to your desire to survive.

Your desire...for Anarchy.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 13th December 2011
I was going to let this die, BUT you people who keep defending someone who is rude, obnoxious, presumes to be above the law, makes rediculous statements, plots against law enforcement agents, abuses her power. Give your heads a shake.

How can you defend someone who has blatantly put herself in the public scrutiny over so many issues? In the process has made Kitimat the laughing stock of the nation, does anyone really want to start a business here. Do they really know what kind of lunacy will happen next. How dare she presume she is above the law or that laws need to be bent around her. She is direspectful and that was one of her campaign and Mayor's address promises, I will be respectful of blah blah blah. It is all bunk, she does plan on working with this council as she has her group of four and away we go yabadabado.
If any of you do not want to be grouped in her gang prove it, ask questions watch her shut you down. It's already been done the backroom decisions between the chosen few. Correct me if I'm wrong I will appologize.
I really truly hope you can work as a TEAM but the me me me is still in TEAM. Kitimat needs to grow and move forward.
All these meetings and projects she announced, has any of the now existing council or previous council or CAO been in on any of these meetings? Was that not one of the biggest contentions? Has she had private meetings since elected? Why not ask? The transperancy that everyone spouted has to come from the top.
Unfortunately Siobhan it is everyones business when she puts in the public eye. It is her fault it went this far, if she wasn't so hell bent on bringing down the CO this would have been settled in 09. You are absolutely right why did she get so worked up over birdfeeders, bear bangers, wolverines and political plots. No one did this to her she did this herself, walk in her shoes I would have told the CO's I'll clean it up right now, not carry this stupid thing on for 2 years. Talk about vindictive, arguementative, self absorbed and childish, you are right bullying is not allowed in school why is our highest official doing it.

I have a life and one of the things in my life is to be vigilant to be sure yours and my best interests are being looked after, and it is as close to a truly democratic process as possible. We all need to be aware of where our tax dollars are spent and hold those in charge accountable.
You know what! maybe just maybe after 30 years it is time to step aside, just saying. You all keep spouting great work, please please tell me what she has done.
Brenda , the embarassment comes from the Mayor and her antics, if she would do her job properly then there would be no need to criticize and then you would be silenced. The Mayor is remaniscent of a MOB boss she has her PEOPLE do all of her defending no mud on her hands. You PEOPLE just look like puppets. Never does she defend herself or even try to explain, most of the time she deflects it, for example the other 500 birdfeeders.
Hold her accountable and Kitimat will prosper, let her continue and yikes.

Like you I hope this is the end of the "Mayor's Most Embarrasing Moments"
Thank you Brenda, Yvonne, etc.
Comment by Siobhan McCarron on 12th December 2011
After this article was published I saw a flood of brutal attacks on our Mayor via Facebook which were of a very personal nature. I let them know how mean they were being and I only got one person who agreed with me. Instead I even got blocked by one person. But I am happy to see a few on here who have shared the same sentiments, ie. it's no one's business but hers...try walking in her shoes...if you're perfect then cast the stone...the election's over, get over it (sour grapes)...the insults are an embarrassment for Kitimat...etc. etc.

One more thing, FYI just because you voted doesn't make it okay to personally attack someone on public forums, and just because "everyone else is doing it" doesn't make it okay either. For all of you that choose to partake in bashing our current Mayor, you are poisoning our town and our children by setting a deplorable example. To get so worked up over birdfeed and bear bangers is ridiculous.

This Linda Halyk person truly needs to get a life and let Joanne do what she's been doing for the last 30 yrs, helping our town in numerous ways. Definitely sour grapes.

Keep up the great work, Joanne :)

Speaking the truth is not Bullying
Comment by Chris on 12th December 2011
Those of you who are supporting the mayor should remember that SHE is the one who is SOLELY responsible for this whole circus. All she had to do was clean up her bird feeders, for heaven's sake!
Then she goes into court & turns the whole affair into an unbelievable spectacle - she is in great shape for a 73 year old, but is it really credible that the animal control officer wanted to get a picture of her dressed only in her towel? I think not.
And then there is her claim to be a "trained bear whisperer". Where is this training available & when did she take it?
When anyone makes unbelievable statements in public, they should expect to face some ridicule. She has been elected leader of our town and, at the least, owes her consituency the decency to behave in a reasonable, responsible manner.
If the trial had taken place before November, I wonder what the election outcome would have been?
Its her life
Comment by Maryann Ouellet on 12th December 2011
Everyone seems to be caught up with her being Mayor. The issues with the court is her own personal life. If anyone of you have done something negative in your life how would you feel if it was the publics right to critize it.

If this had anything at all to do with decisions of the council then she can expect critisim as any one in politics should be prepared to expect from the public.

The bullying needs to stop. Having an opinion is one thing but bullying is another.
sorry but couldn't resist.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 12th December 2011
Hope she doesn't throw up the white towel.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 12th December 2011
All of you out there that seem to be making Joanne the brunt of your jokes and sarcasm really need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror-you really must love that perfect human being staring back at you.Criticism is one thing but you take it a step further and you really are bullies in the worst sense.If you feel it necessary to continue your rantings try and do it like adults-you sound like a bunch of kids pouting because the vast majority of our citizens chose Joanne as our Mayor.Get over it and let her do the job she was elected to do.This behavior is not only shameful it is an embarrasement .Thank goodness you are the minority.Keep your head up Joanne and contine doing the great job you are doing.It really is sour grapes to the "select few".
George Carlin
Comment by Danny Nunes on 12th December 2011
Sorry Tom But I think Carlin had the better quote.

"I have solved this political dilemma in a very direct way: I don't vote. On Election Day, I stay home. I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around. They say, 'If you don't vote, you have no right to complain,' but where's the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians, and they get into office and screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote - who did not even leave the house on Election Day - am in no way responsible for that these politicians have done and have every right to complain about the mess that you created."

George Carlin
Andrew Jackson
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 12th December 2011
"But you must remember my fellow citizens that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, and you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing".......... Andrew JAckson

Clearly the Mayors apologists and the Mayor are not accustomed to criticism and are indifferent to points of view that are not their own. Besides I voted so I have a right to complain... isn't that what we're always told... "if you didn't vote then you can't complain"... well I voted... Life is tough GET A HELMET!
Thank you
Comment by FayEllen McFarlane on 12th December 2011
Thank you Yvonne! Yes, I think it is time to stop the belittling and the criticism and let this matter drop! There have been more than enough hurtful comments made. It is time for us all to put this behind us and make Kitimat a better place to live.
It's Bullying
Comment by Yvonne Lee on 12th December 2011
Wow, so many vultures out there waiting for any sign of weakness to devour another by publicly humiliating them.

Let those who are not quilty cast the first stone!

Can't we support our elected officials, and people in general, and make this a community to be proud of and one that does not harrass our elected officials or other community people. We all live here, let's make it a pleasant place to live for all.

Hopefully each one of you throwing stones will one day be able to 'walk a mile in another's shoes' and see what it feels like. It is bullying, and it is not allowed in schools - why should it be allowed through pubic media.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 11th December 2011
Was she told she couldn't shoot off bear bangers? I thought the discharge of bear bangers was illegal in populated areas?

If not told explicitly not to shoot off bear bangers her response, "I've done nothing wrong."
Question is why is she scaring away a hawk? Does she still have 6 to 8 inches of bird seed on the ground?
Does she still have wildlife attractants hanging in her yard?
Maybe now she's changed to squirrel feeders, if reported correctly "no bird feeders til after 2013" doesn't mention squirrels.
So is the CO attending her property this week to check if she is in compliance with the judges ruling?

This should be proof to everyone who voted for her where the dysfunction ( as everyone called it) lies.
How does anyone discuss anything with someone with such an attitude?
If she can not live within the law, what else can you expect but more over budgeted dog pounds with contracts given to friends with little or no control over funds, more dollars to Shames next year and the next year, maybe even more school ground tennis courts repaired, and the biggest question of all the Community Manager.
I wish our new council luck, if things continue as they are you are going to need it. You should all demand that she issue a formal apology, to Council, the CO and his staff, the RCMP, the Judge,the citizens of Kitimat, especially her neighbours.
I think we are all getting a little tired of being laughed at all the time.
Kitimat has a very serious issue to be dealt with "ENBRIDGE" and the meetings being held here in January. Is anyone going to be able to take her seriously? I am afraid for Kitimat right now if all the rumours are true we have big things ahead. The Mayor should be focusing on what is best for the citizens of this City not fighting with Judges,CO's, RCMP, bears, wolverines, and hawks.
R.E:Irony of it all
Comment by Danny Nunes on 11th December 2011
If she seriously wanted to remove something from Kitimat she should have done what she did last time...offer the animal a quarter of a million dollar severance package.l
Irony of it all.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th December 2011
The good Mayor shot off another bear banger at 3.30 pm saturday afternoon. She apparently was trying to rid a hawk from her property ,can you believe this woman.
Comment by Rory Brown on 11th December 2011
Once again, our Mayor shows her true colors. To actually think that the CO wanted a picture of her in a bath towel. Makes me think of Mr. Burns. Yuck!
A trained Bear Whisperer. I think she should have gone into the mountains with Grizzly Man. Where does one get this kind of training? Did she get it at Jellystone Park from Yogi? If shes so good at it, why did she want the town to get bear proof garbage cans. She can talk to them and ask them not to eat our garbage.
$100 fine! What a joke. The $1100 donation does't count. She will get a receipt and claim it on her taxes. Honestly, a seat belt ticket is more than that for a single violation. Her actions and disrespect are emabrrassment to the town she represents. "Throw me in jail. I'll take a computer course". Is this what we are to have for three more years? As for her "very distinguished record" ,I must have missed that. Just becouse she had been on councel as long as I can remember just means we had a lack of better choices. Yes, its no secret that I don't believe in our mayor, and as Ms. Mitchell put it , she was elected. Its too bad the election wasn't next week.
The way I see it.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 10th December 2011
Yes Ms. Mitchell some of the comments are harsh, but some times we reap what we sow. Any body who has lived here long enough knows what the Mayor is capable of ,She can be very vindictive and hypocritical. I am not a fan of the way she does business i must admit .But i am weary of the handling of some issues such as the Animal shelter which was a complete fiasco . Did you know the contractor who was overseeing the project was an ex boyfriend of hers many years ago. Something just doesn't seem right . Maybe if it had gone out to tender it may not have bothered me so much. But that is in the past and she is still Mayor.She won fair and square. As far as, is she in favour of Enbridge or any other mega projects for the area. Well she ran for the Socreds back in her hey day and we all know the mind set of the socreds. They are identical to the liberal party all a bunch of schiesters.I must admit though ,sheis lucky to have a friend like you that defends her through thick and thin. But a lasting comment . She showed disrespect to the court , and someone with her back ground and position should have a little more respect for Authority. She seems to demand it but doesn't give it. I hope council holds her feet to the fire and doesn't let her pull the wool over their eyes.
Waste of Money CHECK
Comment by Linda Halyk on 10th December 2011
Waste of Money CHECK
Waste of Time CHECK
Lack of Tact CHECK
Dysfunctional CHECK

If she had complied with the CO in 2009, this would never have gotten this far. It is her ego and paranoia, that get her into trouble. For someone who has been on council for over 30 years, pretty silly. She has probably been a part of passing by- laws reguarding bird feeders etc. etc. As the Chair of Bear Aware what was she promoting? She of all people knows the laws. She got into a snit because someone was calling her on something, and "I am the Mayor I can do as I please". No you can not, you are not above the law.

When is she going to learn she is part of a TEAM, they are not " My Councilors/Council", as she says. They are the Cities councilors/council.

Maybe the Mayor should have paid for all the court fees, both lawyers etc etc etc. since she brought this all on herself, and yet again embarassing herself and Kitimat. Again people are laughing at Kitimat.
Thankyou Mayor Monaghan
Thank you Bill
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 9th December 2011
I couldnt agree with you more.The election is over and it is time for Kitimat to heal.All of this goes beyond ridiculous and time for some people to stop the character assasination and get on with life. Seriously.Thanks again Bill-very well said.
Hey Bill
Comment by Danny Nunes on 9th December 2011
You should divorce your wife and marry Brenda Mitchell and then you two can spend your remaining golden years fawning over Joanne.
Colossal Waste of Everything
Comment by Bill Vollrath on 9th December 2011
This witch hunt is petty and idiotic. Shoot the damned bears and leave people alone with their bird feeders, compost piles and fruit trees. This is a waste of Walter's time, the court's time, the peace officer's time, the Mayor's time and our tax money. Two words...Ree Diculous.
a part of the Wolverine conspiracy
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 9th December 2011
It was all a part of the wolverine conspiracy. You see she was attracting the birds to gather the cats which would draw the viscious pack of wolverines who would get trapped and eaten by the bears she had roaming in her yard. it was genuis really...

Comment by Lindsay smith on 9th December 2011
Pretty embarrassing to have your mayor stomping her feet and balling her fists up like a seven year old. You were only right about one thing mayor. The RCMP and conservation officers WERE wasting their time at your house dealing with you. Smarten up and be the example Kitimat elected you to be.
Comment by mary murphy on 9th December 2011
well apparently we are not all perfect...and some of us have "odd" habits to say the least I myself think all animals love me! ... maybe we all need to turn in our bird feeders and what about my apple tree...What about garbage attraction Bears come into my yard constantly to get at the apples Maybe we should worry about how much money we will all be paying-for our part in owning animal attractions. Since we were in court to report this...I would love updates on other court cases, and how they effect our community
Comment by Linda Halyk on 9th December 2011
Yes this is what you can expect for the next three years, legitimate and truthful comments from a concerned citizen, about many topics. If your beloved Mayor pulls stunts like this I will comment, she's in a public position and should be respectful of it, not take advantage. Being Mayor does not give you authority to run rough shod over people. Respect is a two way street. Respect the position, respect the people, respect authority. None of which I have seen from this Mayor.

Correct Brenda the election is over. So you can stop mudslinging. I am an individual entitled to my opinion, until now I have taken your mudslinging, bullying antics as part of the dirty campaign you were running with the Mayor. I hope your friend learns from this lesson, but I doubt it. She will continue to abuse her authority in many many ways and you will jump to her defense everytime.

Best beware Brenda you could be one of the five hundred, with bird feeders.

Comment by Apocalypse Now on 9th December 2011
Are you the Mayors official spokes person? She obviously can defend herself so why do you take it upon yourself to constantly be her spokes person. This just proves to me that there may have been some truth to the rumour that the Conservation officer was allowed to be lambasted because she has an axe to grind.
Mayor shows lack of tact
Comment by Cameron Berg on 9th December 2011
If the residents of Kitimat acted in the same manner in which the mayor acted regarding issues/edicts from city hall, chaos would ensue. Everybody has an opinion and to think that our personal opinions trump the law is not only rediculous, it is shameful coming from an elected official. This matter could have been solved easily if met with an open mind and a willingness to mitigate potential problems. If this is the attitude the mayor adopts when confronted with information or orders she doesn't like, I can only wonder how much time is wasted in council chambers while various members create mountains out of molehills. Nice example being set for students that may be considering a career in politics, if you make enough fuss, you might get your own way, at the expense of other members of the community. I think a public apology is the least she could do to salvage a rediculously and unessessarily tarnished career as a local politician. Or she could get involved with BC Rail, the got what they wanted to!!
Bath towel
Comment by Roma Burnett on 8th December 2011
Can hardly wait for Gerry Hummel's next picture!!!
Right on Danny...your comments are great.
I haven't laughed so hard for a long time.
Comment by Victor Lick on 8th December 2011
How are people to respect a mayor if she will not respect people of Authority in matters of such importance. Just because she has served on many committees and wears some Bling. This does not admonish her from being disrespectful of the law and people. Is this precedent setting that if you serve your community you will receive a lesser penalty. With the knowledge of Bear Aware and her position on this committee the fine should have been more. This poor Conservation Officer should receive an apology from this woman. Sounds like she is wasting our police funds and their time. Sounds like she is more of a threat then the bears. These Bears are wild animals being put at risk by actions of poorly educated individuals. That is why there are laws and enforcement officers. Obey the law and the concerns of the citizens.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 8th December 2011
Since the election it is very apparent who the community wanted as our Mayor. Sounds like sour grapes to me Linda.Hope this isnt a preview of what to expect for the next three years from certain individuals.The election is over-time to move on.
Bear Whisperer dodges bullet
Comment by Linda Halyk on 8th December 2011
The Mayor almost ended up in a cage just ilke the bears she attracts to her yard.

Would they relocate her or put her down because she has become habituated?

A bear whisperer oops sorry TRAINED BEAR Whisperer, needs bear bangers, makes you wonder.

Again here is BC with their unwillingness to institute proper sentences when it comes to criminal activity. I really can't believe what she and other people get away with. You have sent a very poor message Judge, just because she's been around for so loooong and done sooooo much for the community does not mean she should get a measly slap on the wrist. You proved her point because she is the Mayor she should get special privileges. This is abuse of the office and title.
The inflammatory remarks, lack of compliance and that she was the chair of bear aware and has lived in the area for 40 years, should have resulted in a greater sentence.
Never mind the fact of the "conspiracy theory she spouted about after she set-up the C.O. in a town council meeting, reguarding a wolverine. The 2 to 4 inches of seed on the ground to attract birds was easily attracting cats, which in turn probably attracted the wolverine. So it was you Mayor Monaghan that could have potentially put a child at risk.

Since she is a bear whisperer oh sorry I keep forgetting TRAINED BEAR WHISPERER, why not sentence her to work at Northern life with the bears for 6 months.

Would you give anyone else 48 hours notice to check their yard? Don't think so. Special treatment, you have just set a precidence that I think you need to look very closely at Judge. You have tied the hands of an already over worked Conservation Officer work force. How many people are going to say, if the Mayor gets 48 hours so do I.

"What about the 500 other feeders in town", she is the Mayor, she is suppose have your best interests in mind, she should learn from her mistakes, protect her citizens, not try to deflect her wrong on to others.
Bear Whispering Skills
Comment by Danny Nunes on 8th December 2011
I have this friend who is a park ranger and works at Jellystone Park and he has this problem with a bear who keeps stealing campers picnic baskets.

Can Mayor Monaghan use her bear whispering skills to help my friend?
Randy Halyk Vindicated
Comment by Danny Nunes on 8th December 2011
Oh LOL I look forward to how her supporters will spin this to make her look like the victim.

I guess this isnt negative at all...I mean let me write the PR for her.

By ripping up all those citations she saved money in the budget for new years confetti.

I know if I was a young CO I would be on the prowl for 73 year old women who I could photograph in a towel...thats hot stuff.

We now save money on future George Cuff reports since a judge in a court of law stated everything in the reports were correct...she was the source of the dysfunction.

She wanted to be arrested so she could take computer courses in jail....good...maybe she can learn how to take pictures of herself in a towel and upload them online to some GILF websites for all those lonely conservation officers after a long day dealing with animal complaints.

Joanne if you really want to keep the CO'S away....drop the towel next time.

Enjoy the next 3 years Kitimat.
Bird Feeders and Talking back
Comment by Aaron Mott on 8th December 2011
I thought it was common knowledge to keep a bird feeder cleaned up underneath but also out of reach of bears. It does not matter how high your fence is if a Bear wants to get in it will get in, especailly if there is food involved. They are crafty creatures and even if the bear can not get into your back yard having the seeds on the ground attracts cats to the helpless birds feeding on the ground seeds.

And I am sorry mayor monganham, how is this your first time in court? I am only 22 but I have watched court proceedings many times, and the number one thing your do not do it talk when the judge is talking. I think it would be useful for the mayor to watch some re runs of Judge Judy or Law and Order.

I am glad the money is going into charity and I thank Judge Doulis for that, at least the money will not be going to the hand of the governments who do god knows what with money.

One last point I think the mayor needs to be a little bit more respectable to the people around her, not only to conservation officers, police or judges. I am sorry you are not above the law and you should treat others how you want to be treated (something I picked up when I was 3). If you want people to stop bad mouthing you mayor maybe you should be a little nicer to the people that work for our community.