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NEWS RELEASE · 7th December 2011
By Peter O'Neil, Postmedia

OTTAWA — The oil industry's "nation-building" attempt to link Canada's vast oilsands resources to Asian markets can't be stopped by protesters using civil disobedience, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said Tuesday.

He said he will respect the regulatory process that Enbridge Inc. must go through to get approval for its $5.5-billion Northern Gateway pipeline, but said the project, if approved by the National Energy Board, shouldn't be held hostage by aboriginal and environmental groups threatening to create a human "wall" to prevent construction.

Oliver was asked about the Haida First Nation in Haida Gwaii, formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, in northern B.C.

The Haida, who are too far away from the pipeline to be considered by Enbridge as a potential equity partner in the project, are vehement opponents.

Paul Dament and Alberta
Comment by Crystal on 20th December 2011
First of all: Paul.... you sicken me...

I live in Kitimat. I love this town. I moved here because not only is it beautiful, it's a great place to raise my daughter. I'm neither "indian" nor "a loser punk."


That's right, we're not just a bunch of savages living at the end of the world. Some of us are from the same place YOU are. I'm disgusted, not only in your behavior and racist remarks, but also in everyone else who came to defend the First Nations People all the while painting Albertans with the same stereotypical paintbrush.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
scary !!!!
Comment by Double D on 17th December 2011
Enbridge has amassed a total of over 800 spills since 1999 Scary ? I think so
Re paul
Comment by Haisla "first nations" on 16th December 2011
You know we don't want embridge. For some reason Paul albertains strike me as rednecks. You confirm what I think. People seem to be narrow mInded from alberta. You don't live here so we tell you keep your racist cOmments to yourself. We say nO to embridge. You hear that Prime minister? You don't live here. You are just like this Paul guy. A redneck Only mOre polished. The Ontario reserve confirms this.
I'm a loser punk???
Comment by Lynn on 11th December 2011
I'm new to Kitimat but have been in the North West for 15 years. I am a college educated white female, mother, worker, tax payer, voter, and I oppose this pipeline. If that makes me a "loser punk" then I suggest that Mr. Dament should really get his facts straight. I fully support the "Indians" that you refer to (and by the way they are not from India). I'm proud of our First Nations communities that are standing up against a big company like Enbridge, although there are many people here in BC of every colour and economic background that are saying 'NO' as well. Just because this is good for Alberta and Stephen Harper, does not mean it's good for BC, and I really don't care who is funding these protesters. Groups like the David Suzuki foundation encourage people to reduce consumption of resources and live sustainably (sounds terrible I know!)...Who funds the politicians and why? Maybe some of those "clean and ethical" bis businesses.
The people here are not trying to lobby in a foreign country because they want to make a difference right here in their own back yards. They know that when the fish are gone and you can't drink the water, money won't be enough. Why don't you take the time to see what we have to lose over the border...I promise you, it's a lot nicer here than in Fort Mac! Never mind, don't bother, you just might stay.
Oh, and as for Mr. Olliver...Who does he think he is speaking to the people of BC and the rest of Canada this way? We are the ones that will be left to clean up after the big companies wash their hands of any "oopsies" that might happen. We live here, we vote, and we don't want it! He's not forcing vegetables into a cranky child here. If he does plan on sticking it to the people of BC, at least talk nice to us first!
For once
Comment by Keven Fifi on 9th December 2011
I agree with the other people of my Town. Who the hell are you to come here with your racist comments? let me give you a little lesson in Reserves..they are an apartheid inspired place,Our government went to south africa and copied their ways of oppression. You call these places dumpy. yet your vaunted prosperity wouldnt have been possible without using the natives land! You sir are exactly why I dislike rascists. YOu look down your noses at the people who were Oppressed into where they are by the Government who is trying to ram something down their throats. If the People Of BC dont want your Oil coming though our Valleys than the Government one way or another will listen regardless of the money you throw at us to accept your pollution. Thanks for cementing where I stand on this subject.
another protester
Comment by p dennis on 9th December 2011
you are looking at another white protester! Ignorant Albertan, there are many people who wish to keep our environment intact and unspoiled. I understand your position because you already have destroyed your environment but dont think I am going to let you destroy mine. Your racism disgusts me.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 8th December 2011
Did you just crawl out of a hole somewhere. I am not a punk. If you want to keep using oil than keep it in Alberta refine it there and put the truck drivers and train engineers to work. Just because you have ruined your land, water and animals doesn't mean I will let you do it to BC.
Grow up and lose the foul mouth. It is racist like you who cause problems in the world.
Try to push through us see what happens.
Mr Demented
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 8th December 2011
You have reminded me why I don't ,really like albertans. Because they think like Americans.You are racist.We dont call them Indians any more .You are pathetic.
the problem
Comment by K.D.S. on 8th December 2011
Its people like Paul who make our world a terrible place to live.Do you have a heart? How dare you say the indian people are being payed off as a result of their greed. We keep them in reservations to keep their people from prospering. The have no jobs because they dont have the opportunity so living off Goverment money is the only way. These people have been ruined and destroyed spiritually in the past by europeans. Therefore as a result you see the destroyed group of people they are. Shipping oil is a dangerous and detrimental industry to people and the environments safety. Don't be stupid and blinded because evidence of disaster caused by crude oil are easily seen in Valdez,Alaksa and the Kalamazoo River. I will be damned if enbridge pipeline leak oil in the Kitimat river or any river in B.C. I say ban all major oil companies. Canada doesn't need this industry to prosper. Harper wants this pipeline because he wants Canada to become USA.
Protesters,what protesters
Comment by Paul Dament, Alberta on 8th December 2011
The so called protetors that oppose the pipeline have no effect because of the low numbers.A few indians without real focus and nothing better to do that "put it to whitey" and some loser punks who don't have a clue of or admit that our clean,ethical oil is the future of Canada wpon;t stop the pipeline.Nor should it,if you yndians who care,why don't you lobby Venezuala,Saudi Arabia,Nigeria wwre they kill protesters and natives.Not to mention what they do to women,don't hear you mention anything about that.I don't hear the fact that most envirornmentalist ,and some native bands in Canada, recieve millions of dollars from huge corporate multinationals to oppose the pipeline and oilsands.Included are the Suzuki foundation,Greenpeace Canada and some north Coast bands.It's all on the books,easy to discover and not at all speculation.We want Canada to prosper,you want Canada to go the way of some dumpy reserve.No thanks,get on board,or get out of the way.
Comment by Linda Halyk on 8th December 2011
When is this government going to get it.


We are not a bunch of dummies that can't figure this thing out, anytime it's sounds too good to be true it is. In the National Interest My (blank) . Harper has made promises he needs to keep. He figures he's smarter than we are and he can run rough shod over us and we will turn the other cheek.

We are going to stand peacefully and solidly side by side, and make history.

SHHH LISTEN MR Harper can you hear us???
Think again, you corporate hack!
Comment by Wolverine #2 on 7th December 2011
First Nations have the power to stop Northern Gateway. And they will. Almost sixty years ago, Alcan forced the Cheslatta to abandon their homes when it flooded the Nechako Reservoir. Does anyone really think that the First Nations along the pipeline route are going to allow this kind of action again? They can't and won't be bought off. And the courts will back them up, no matter what corporate hacks such as yourself, the Prime Minister, and our Premier think. If you really wish to turn Northwestern B.C. into a war zone, then go against the 80% of British Columbians who oppose this ridiculous project.
Wanta Makea Bet Mr. Minister....
Comment by Larry on 7th December 2011
The people of BC (who by the way are the ones that vote) will not tolerate such arrogance on you and your government's part.