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B.C. Lung Month In Kitimat
NEWS RELEASE · 2nd December 2011
Rossella Norman
December is B.C. Lung Month in Kitimat. To commemorate this event we are raising the B.C. Lung flag here at the Fire Hall. This flag will fly during the entire month to remind all Kitimat residents to care for their lung health and donate generously to B.C. Lung’s Christmas Seal campaign. On hand for the raising of the flag from left to right are: Fire Fighter Dave Ingram, Mayor Joanne Monaghan, Kitimat’s B.C. Lung Director Rossella Norman, Councillor Rob Goffinet, , and Fire Fighter Chuck Ferguson. The photographer was Captain Derek Collier.
Did you know that the second leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking, is Radon gas? Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally in soils and rock due to the breakdown of uranium. It can accumulate in high levels within enclosed spaces, such as homes, and become a high risk to their residents. Radon can enter through cracks, support posts, floor drains and by various other means. Some amount of radon is found in every home, but levels vary from one house to another even if the houses are very similar, close in proximity, older or newer built.
The Canadian guideline for indoor radon in air is an upper limit of 200 Becquerels per cubic meter (200 Bq/m3). Home test kits are available at the BC Lung Association office at a cost of $30.00 – Toll-free 1-800-665-5864 or place an order via e-mail info,,,, or alternatively at select hardware stores throughout B.C. These kits are long term test devices requiring the test to be done for at least 3 months and preferably between the months of October and April.
Information on steps you can take if your radon test results are above the guidelines is found on the BC Lung website under Radon.

Rossella Norman