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NEWS RELEASE · 2nd December 2011
VANCOUVER, Dec. 2, 2011 /CNW/ - On behalf of the Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs, Hereditary Chief Elmer Derrick today announced an agreement with Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines to become a partner in the ownership of the $5.5 billion project to export oil to the Pacific Rim.

"Over time we have established a relationship of trust with Enbridge, we have examined and assessed this project, and we believe it can be built and operated safely," said Chief Derrick. "We believe that the construction of this pipeline is of vital importance to the future of Canadian energy security and prosperity."

The agreement is expected to deliver at least $7 million in net profit to the Gitxsan people. Enbridge will be providing financing at favourable rates, and the partnership will provide a solid foundation for an ongoing dialogue between the Gitxsan and Enbridge regarding regional renewable energy projects.

"Let me stress that all decisions we make in pursuing business on Gitxsan land remain faithful to the laws of our people, said Chief Derrick. "Those who wish to do business in Gitxsan territory will be held to Gitxsan standards."

Janet Holder, Executive Vice-President of Western Access for Enbridge, welcomed the announcement and the support of the Gitxsan Nation. "I want to acknowledge the vision demonstrated by Chief Derrick and the Hereditary Chiefs," said Ms. Holder. "The most significant way in which Aboriginal people can benefit from the Northern Gateway project is by owning a stake in it and sharing in the net income it produces."
Very disheartening.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 3rd December 2011
We went from one announcement of of 130 native bands supporting a ban on tanker traffic and pipelines ,to the first domino to fall in less than one day.Mr Derrick people like you keep perpetuating the theory that all that is important to natives is a free hand out. You are a sell out to your nation and to all people who would help support this ban. Greed has no color or race or religion.I hope people see you for what you are and hope that this does not set your people back 100 years. I hope you and your crooked little council have the decency to share your prosperity with the rest of your band.You are following in the white mans path of helping to destroy what we have left.on this earth. Don't come running to us when your water is polluted with thick oily sludge Use your own money, and we will sue your band for any clean up that happens to be associated from a spill in your territory into ours. Do you think you have enough money for that .I doubt it. And Stephen Harper is definitely not going to help you. You fell for the oldest trick in the book .Divide and conquer.
Comment by al on 3rd December 2011
lets be careful here, if one person makes a statement, don't paint everyone with the same brush, I know lots of non-natives that do stupid things
Comment by Walter Fricke on 3rd December 2011
The non-first nations people that chose to side with the first nations in the opposition of this project are not going to trust the First Nations that change their minds. If the trust in one instance is breached, can we really trust them on anything? I know I will not.
Do they know of what they speak?
Comment by Keith on 2nd December 2011
"We believe that the construction of this pipeline is of vital importance to the future of Canadian energy security and prosperity."

Excuse me? Care to explain this? Because as far as I can see this project does NOTHING to progress Canadian energy security and prosperity. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Shipping out unprocessed oil is the same as shipping out raw logs. But at least trees are a renewable resource.

Shipping our oil overseas does nothing to ensure energy security for Canada and I suspect Enbridge told the band to say this.

For shame. Way to sell out.
Who saw this coming? Anyone?
Comment by Wolverine #2 on 2nd December 2011
These chiefs have sold their souls for a SUV. Congratulations! You've made your ancestors proud...
Typical chiefs
Comment by Gitxsan nation member from 536 on 2nd December 2011
Who benefits from any money brought in to the gitxsan nation, obviously not the members, it seems like it is only a select few hereditary chiefs who benefit all the time, and if it wasn't for the gitxsan members there wouldn't be hereditary chiefs , the chiefs have to remember that it's the land and the rivers that they are supposed to protect not there bank accounts. I am not an opposer of the enbridge oil pipe line, but I would liked to have been consulted with this desicion made my the gitxsan, as all gitxsan members should have there opinions herd before any kind of major decisions is made on membership behalf . SAY NO TO THE GOVERNENCE MODEL I Don't wanna be Canadian I am GITXSAN!
Theses are suppose to be elders who care about teaching our children and youth to live off our land ...
Let all get a piece
Comment by Randy Halyk on 2nd December 2011
The Gitxzan have a land claim, I guess, so they are good to go asking for money from Enbridge.

My son owns land in Surrey so as a land owner he to has a land claim.

Should he also get a piece of the profit of Enbridge?

I guess it is not nessesary to be on the pipeline route but just be a Canadian.

That brings many other questions to mind.'s all about Money
Comment by Larry on 2nd December 2011
Just goes to prove that if you throw enough money
at the problem....the problem just goes away. I
guess this goes to prove, we all have our price.