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REPORTING · 24th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Council received a letter from Ted Bergen which was discussed at their meeting on Monday, November 21st.

Bergen writes to Council asking for them to entertain a motion for the Kitimat RCMP to deliver an RCMP crime report to Kitimat Media similar to the one found in Terrace media.

Bergen had asked for feedback on the Kitimat Daily and received a lot of support for this notion.

While Staff Sergeant Steve Corp was delivering his Monthly policing report to Council, Councillor Corrine Scott asked him about whether or not a similar report in Kitimat media was also feasible.

“It would be, however, what’s good for Terrace isn’t necessarily good for Kitimat. They are structured entirely differently then we are. Terrace only reports the crime statistics to their Mayor and Council four times a year in opposed to every thirty days. They also have an administrator working around the clock,” said Corp.

He explained if he were to implement this, it would fall on a constable who is already overburdened. The constable would end up working at four am to do these reports rather then being out in the field. Corp suggested providing the crime statistics to the media. He had no problem as these were Council’s reports.

Councillor Mario Feldhoff threw a motion on the floor to put it on the District of Kitimat Website. It was called and carried. Councillor Corrine Scott followed it up with a motion to also allow the report to be provided to the Kitimat Daily Website. Councillor Rob Goffinet clarified this would also be provided to other media outlets.

Municipal Manager Ron Poole stated he was not certain they could insist to put it on the website. They could encourage us to post it. Feldhoff agreed in saying if the District put in on their website, the media could also choose to include it on theirs.

The motion was called and carried.
Community and school liaison
Comment by moving forward on 27th November 2011
The Kitimat RCMP and the community would all benefit from the detachment creating and staffing a community/ school liaison position similar to what Terrace has. This position would cover school liasson initiatives like DARE and would not overburden a shift working Constable. This member would be in charge of media as well. If Kitimat is evolving so should the detachment. If everyone wants information it should be provided, no excuses from the upper brass.