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One of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Janet Holder, Enbridge Gas Distribution President
NEWS RELEASE · 21st November 2011
Globe and Mail
Excerpt from Globe and Mail Article:

The questions she now faces: Will her comfort in living in Prince George pay professional dividends? Will having an executive stationed at the mid-point of the Gateway route prove persuasive to the dozens of first nations that have staunchly opposed the project? Will Enbridge’s promise of Little League sponsorship and local benefits change minds among those convinced that the pipeline will leak into their rivers and poison their way of life?

Ms. Holder acknowledges that Enbridge has made missteps along the way. “I wouldn’t call them mistakes,” she says, though she allows that the company has underestimated the value of communications. In its focus on what she calls the “ ‘big picture’ value equation” to industry and the Canadian people, Enbridge has struggled to enunciate what it means on a local level: “What does it really mean for Kitimat? For Terrace? For Burns Lake?”

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Comment by richard on 21st November 2011
Only the big corperations.they have the goverment backing them and the funds to push it threw. only next step is to get our Council to have a referendum,let the people vote and if they are for it or against it. now i feel most of us are against the pipeline but we have to perpare. Before it`s to late,and nothin can be done. Act now or forever hold your peace. why wait, act A.s.A.p. change it now before we are dictated to by federal/provincial goverments. Get, robin Austin at some council meetings to see what we can do to throw up more road blocks,to stop this. it is very inportant to get the ball rolling before it`s to late. United we stand , DIVIDED we fall .If we don`t it`ll be a done deal,behind close doors. Don`t you think Enbridge is working Every day to butter up the hands of the well off alreadY. ..... mAKE THEM REFINE IT HERE AND USE A SAFER TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM. Using double haul shipping containers TRANSPORTING BY RAIL.... with smaller loads more trips. SHARE THE WEALTH . too bad b.c rail was sold, B.c. had alotto gain,now it`s a lost. what the hell was GORDON CAMPBEL thinking. freinds of this goverments had alot to gain, Sure it`s more expensive,but the safest way possible. Cost are about $28/$30 per barrel now. appox $100 per barrel x`s 500,000,less the recovery $3o. leave $70 for the corperation mmmmmmmm isn`t that 35 million per day. profit...shipping them out in smaller double hauled shipping contaners.,sure expensive, but safe.CONTAINERS ARE RECYABLE TO.... i think it will create a hell of a lot more jobs .... never mind what ENBRIDGE WANTS.THIS IS YOUR land...... fight now before you don`t get a choice. BEFORE YOUR Dictated too. GREED RULES I GUESS!
Enbridge Alert!!
Comment by Nancy on 21st November 2011
Keep an eye out for this woman! Especially First Nations. Enbridge is infiltrating the west with fast talkers! Using gender and previous local citizens.