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NEWS RELEASE · 20th November 2011
Randy Halyk
Dear Kitimat,

Thank you for three years as your councilor.

The last three years has been a mind expanding experience that challenged and excited me. There were times when I questioned my decision to put my name forward but through it all I felt I must prevail because you had put your trust in me to protect the interests of our town.

The things Iíve learned and the people Iíve had the honour to meet and interact with has enriched my life and given me many new insights into people and politics. I truly believe I have contributed to Kitimat and will hold these years dear to my heart.

Putting my name in the Hat for the Mayors chair was a hard decision but felt I must, to protect Kitimat. Throughout this campaign I stuck to the issues but was called an arrogant, disrespectful bully, an immature and unprofessional so and so and many other derogatory terms.

Please know I forgive those that attacked me personally but do not condone that kind of behavior. It is one of the reasons I ran.

My supporters have given me the greatest joy of all, there undying confidence and loyalty inspired me to be more, do more and to not give in or give up, thank you.

I will continue to work on Kitimatís behalf as a concerned citizen and hope to overcome the negativity spawned by my opponent. Kitimat is on the brink of greatness and will need a competent council to steer her. I, like you, am putting my trust in them to protect the interests of Kitimat,

Good luck to our new council.


Randy Halyk