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NEWS RELEASE · 18th November 2011
Municipal Candidates’ Responses to
Candidate Survey Regarding Skeena Wild Salmon

Editors Note: Any of the Candidates that were missed can submit their answers and we will add them to the list


1. What do you perceive as the single greatest human-caused threat to Skeena wild salmon?

2. If elected, what will you do to ensure sustainability of our Skeena wild salmon?

3. Do you support or oppose the Enbridge pipeline?

4. What do you think is the single greatest opportunity for non-industrialized community economic development?

5. Do you support protection of the Sacred Headwaters?

Randy Halyk

1. Simply put fish farming and the lack of action by government and DFO on this very serious threat.

2. There is little a local government can do other than lobby the Provincial and Federal Governments to protect our salmon. Support good science and reject environmentally dangerous projects. Organizations like Friends of Wild Salmon need to take action. Learn about what the issues are that affect our salmon and support real Salmon not just ideologies. Sustainable programs are essential to maintain any fishery. River lake and stream enhancement is a no brainer yet both DFO and Provincial Fisheries would rather sit on their hands and watch our waterways be degraded by unsustainable practises. Hatcheries are a great stopgap measure to maintain a fishery but why not fix the problem instead of just massaging it. Even the Hatchery system has been eroded, budgets have been cut, programs curtailed, people laid of. Wouldn’t it be smarter to bring our waterways back from the brink stop overfishing and start repairing? I have witnessed and been involved in restoration projects in other provinces that have not only saved waterways but have created sustainable fisheries. Projects that may have an initial high capital cost, but in the long run cost far less because once restored that fishery need only to be protected and will produce far more fish. The cost of stewardship programs in far less than maintaining hatcheries.

3. NO,

4. Good question. I recently watched a documentary on sustainable living; the premise was somewhat akin to the 100 mile diet. The idea is to develop a sustainable community to the point that growth is not needed to maintain a healthy life style and economy. You would still need industry and commerce but it would be as clean and environmental maintainable. A utopian dream world but the documentary had examples of communities in a number of countries around the world working within that framework. I look forward to hearing the answer from far smarter people than myself.

5. Yes

Joanne Monaghan

1. Illegal fishing

2. Lobby

3. By law that our council has set out, I am neutral and will remain so until the environmental review comes out.

4. Green issues, like biomass (eg Pytrade, a company from Germany that is dealing in Bio mass, heat and electricity
from wood waste, pellets from wood waste and briquettes from cardboard), and tourism.

5. I believe that is a question that should be sent to the NCLGA, as that organization of elected officials covers
that area.

Danny Nunes - Could not reach/Did not respond

Jim Thom - Could not reach/Did not respond

Joshua Callahan - Could not reach/Did not respond

Bob Corless - Could not reach/Did not respond

Edwin Empinado - Could not reach/Did not respond

Mario Feldhoff - Could not reach/Did not respond

Phil Germuth - Could not reach/Did not respond

Rob Goffinet

1. Previous to this past year, I would have said logging, but lately with the possible commercial fish-farm introduced viruses into Pacific wild stocks, I would say open-net fish farming may prove to be the greatest threat. Definitive scientific study must be done on this subject.

2. As an elected District of Kitimat Councillor with a close working relationship with our Skeena MLA RobinAustin, and our Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen, I will work towards the replacement of open-net fish farms with closed containment systems coupled with enforcement of best forest practices regarding logging. I also endorse continued, full support of the DFO's Kitimat River Fish Hatchery.

3. I am on record as being opposed to the Enbridge Northern Gateway (Bitumen) Pipeline. I believe it poses a grave risk to the more than 1000 water courses that it will traverse between Alberta and the BC Coast, as well as posing an unacceptable and possibly catastrophic threat to the entire North Coast through it's use of super tankers to export the bitumen offshore.

4. In Kitimat, the development of the sport fishing industry, as well as boating, kayaking and eco-tourism focused on the Douglas Channel and on the North Coast in general, is the greatest non-industrial opportunity for development.

5. Yes. I am in favor of making the moratorium on natural gas extraction in the head waters of the major salmon bearing rivers of the northwest a permanent one. I am concerned that through the application of modern techniques like hydraulic fracturing the major water courses of the Northwest could be severely damaged threatening the fish stocks and natural eco-systems of these rivers.

Mary Murphy

1. The greatest human-caused threat to the Skeena wild salmon, is over fishing, my perception, followed by leaching into the rivers.

2. Education on the maintenance of our fish supply. There have been many changes over the years, and fishing
has taken on a specialized kind of fishing, and I am not concerned with the sport fisherman. Lobby the government on strengthen environmental laws, and enforced compliance with the communities and industries.

3. At this time I feel that The Enbridge pipeline, has too many risks, which outweighs the benefits. I am willing to sit down with the government, the industry and communities to insure environmental laws are upgraded and risks are addressed. We have a huge appetite for this commodity, and I don't hear any solutions, we need to be part of the future building in order to address the huge environmental concerns. That means being part of what we perceive as the projected good and bad changes.

4. Our area is filled with many opportunities by its prestige protected waters, and all that our wonderful Douglas channel has to offer, we also have beautiful surrounds, wonderful culture and traditions. but all that should be looked at with all aspects, I am hopping that we are not looking at elimination of all industries? that is not the answer, we need balance of sustainability which includes, a balance between industry, environment concerns,and social responsibilities.

5. Absolutely support the protection of the Sacred Headwaters, the culture, the protection of the beautiful pristine beauty of this beautiful land, and this can be done with honesty and analysis to the fullest, proposals coming forward. Working with communities, government and ensure our community needs are met.

John Pacheco - Could not reach/Did not respond

Jack Riddle

1. In the past I would have considered over fishing by ALL concerned as themost damaging to our wild Skeena Salmon. However, at this time I feel that the proposed Enbridge pipeline running past the Skeena and it’s tributaries, in close proximity to the Skeena watershed, the very greatest threat.

2. I will work diligently to get all concerned to remove the threat of the Enbridge pipeline.

3. Obviously I am opposed to Enbridge.

4. Tourism. We are smack dab in some of the most beautiful, most pristine and mostly undamaged part of the world and lets show case it.

5. Yes – this is where the watershed begins. Without the Headwaters we don’t have drinking water, our wild life downstream are stressed, our First Nations peoples who rely so heavily on salmon for their diet have their way of life wiped out, etc. etc..

Joe Salema

1. The greatest human cause threat to the wild salmon would be an oil spill on the west coast, straight up, if we let enbridge in, it'll only be a matter of time before we experience theeinevitable.

2. If elected I would work with what resources we have as a council to try and keep our oceans clear of oiltankers.

3. I am OPPOSED to the Enbridge pipeline. I don't need no report toconvince me of how I feel on this issue.

4. I believe that the single greatest opportunity for non-industrialized community economic development would have to be the tourism business along with a small business approach geared toward our wilderness and wildlife.

5. Yes I do support the protection of our sacred headwaters.

Corinne Scott - Could not reach/Did not respond

Carl Whicher - Could not reach/Did not respond
Comment by mary on 19th November 2011
no problem danny, i don't think you are a do have a chance to answer the questions now. no matter who you voted for they are all good candidates...good luck,
Comment by Danny Nunes on 19th November 2011
Glad I didnt vote for you!

So your implying I am a liar? care to then explain why more than half the candidates then didnt submit there answers?

You are the one who needs to wake up.
danny wake up
Comment by mary murphy on 18th November 2011
SWCC sent out several requests, and another one when the deadline was up...each and every canadafdte was on the request forwarded from the district...i checked and the last one stated:
Dear Kitimat Candidate,
This is just a reminder that I hope to hear back from you with your response to our questionnaire that I sent to you last week. I have attached it again for you below. I have received responses from many candidates, and I'd very much like to include everyone in our results. Please note that our deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday Nov. 9 at 5 pm.
Thanks very much.
Kathy Stockner

Comment by richard on 18th November 2011
seems to me that thi jrp board has been a waste of tax dollars. the harper goverment seem they will be pushing it threw
shame that most running for elect won`t tell us there opionion on the pipe line. pretty clear now, on what side of the fence they all stand on. either your for it or against it. no sitting on the fence . too many excuses,waiting on the j review panel .like harp said he`ll move it along faster now. it don`t matter now,so elect those who will fight for this town. no tax breaks either ,for new companies coming here. they get enough tax breaks from the provincial goverment. i`ll support only those opposed to oil pipe lines. how much money is enough. seems the more raw exports we export the quality of life slows down.inflation rising,cost of living ,home heating fuel gone threw the roof,but yet we want to export natural gas. it was the peoples ,same as b.c hydro. fine charge them the world market price then . why we pay more ,with thousands of wells caped. fracking is piosoning are water in the near future.i guess well`ll wait till it happens before we change things. it`ll be too late. better get perpared to purchase your water. bottle water is as expensive as gasoline.... the prices are only going up.there is no controling it.. if you believe it`s going to get better ,wish full thinking. people feeling the pinch already. great for those working for these large corperation as you get a comfortable life. not so for the rest. sad to see that greed rules over people. but that`s what happens. greed kills everyone. millionairs become billionairs.seems theres more every year.
I never received these questions
Comment by Danny Nunes on 18th November 2011
I had a look at the recent copy of the Northern Sentinel the other day and I noticed these questions printed by SWCC & I can tell you that I personally never received these questions and I see many others running possibly did not as well so I want to make it perfectly clear that I was not ignoring or dismissing the questions the SWCC had.

Salmon verses Oil
Comment by Randy Halyk on 18th November 2011

The Friends of Wild Salmon asked Candidates from Prince Rupert, Kitimat, New Hazelton, Terrace, and Smithers a number of questions:
1. What do you perceive as the single greatest human-caused threat to Skeena wild salmon?
2. If elected, what will you do to ensure sustainability of our Skeena wild salmon?
3. Do you support or oppose the Enbridge pipeline?
4. What do you think is the single greatest opportunity for non-industrialized community economic development?
5. Do you support protection of the Sacred Headwaters?
I checked it out and here are the results of question #3
 For the pipeline 4
 Fence sitters 4
 Did not answer the poll 34
 Opposed to Enbridge 25
This clearly indicates many candidates either felt it was not important or where afraid to stand and be counted.
This issue is the most controversial and may determine whether or not they will hold office.
I found these questions to be stimulating and thought provoking. What of our precious Salmon will they be here to feed us in the future?
Question four challenged me the most. I have been thinking about it ever since. My initial answer is short so I feel I must research this question much more so I may offer some in-depth answer to a very good question in the future.