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REPORTING · 17th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
One questioner asked which of the Councillors would support: enforcing a bag limit, a ban on electronics and small appliances from the landfill and enforce the current ban on commercial cardboard.

Bob Corless stated he has always supported KUTE. He has done these personally and through the workplace. He said it should be taken a step further. Glass, plastic, tire and batteries are worse for the landfill.

Joshua Callahan said recycling would reduce usage and would create jobs. He asked people to reduce and recycle. He promised to be in favour of those bylaws.

Jack Riddle said he is 100% in favour.

John Pacheco said when he started recycling, they reduced the amount of waste from 2 bags to one. He agreed.

Phil Germuth agreed as well. His oldest son recycles car batteries and converters and takes them down to Vancouver.

Mario Feldhoff stated they need to do things to increase the life of the landfill. He implemented the cardboard ban and suggested a residential cardboard ban. He was open to change the bylaws for electronics because the depot is available. He wanted to deal with things such as wood burning. He would continue to make motions to extend the life of the landfill.

Mary Murphy thought there was already a 2 bag limit. She stated she is always in favour of recycling. She did not certain about passing those bylaws regarding electronics without knowing more about it.

Edwin Empinado said recycling is a part of the stewardship of the environment. He supported having these bylaws regarding the impact on the community. He did add: KUTE is the expert on this.

Corrine Scott said in the last community she was in, they implemented recycling. Garbage went down to less then one green bag and recycle days were 3 blue bags. The community provided a subsidy to the recycling company. The company hired people with disabilities to work in the shops. The depot created jobs and made it easier for people to get into recycling. She was in favour and would work to create a bylaw.

Carl Whicher said he would need more information. Batteries have their dangerous contents. He was in favour of recycling when it makes sense. However, materials need to be wisely managed. He prefers education over bylaws as he felt there are too many bylaws in Kitimat and they do not want to be antagonistic.

Joe Salema agreed. He would sooner see a program then bylaws. He suggested a blue box program like they have in Vancouver. There is recycling at the landfill. He suggested a waste management program for the community and education.

Rob Goffinet expressed Kitimat is savvy on this. The community reacted to the can limit bylaw. He reminded everyone about the black boxes the District gave out for kitchen waste. He recycles and they get down to two cans. He wanted to know what bylaw amendments could be made. He asked for consultation.

Runners Up: Goffinet, Whicher