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REPORTING · 17th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
The next question was a question about the social risks of bringing in big business.

Bob Corless stated they have had the discussions about hospitals and schools. The social issues are as far as policing. They are watching the numbers to see how it shapes out. He said there would be social problems.

Josh Callahan said one of the issues in the community is low income housing. It will be harder to find low income housing. People are taxing our food bank. Then they look at no camp bylaws in the east where camps build housing and then it becomes low income housing.

Jack Riddle said it is a problem and it will get bigger as it goes on. The camps will need infrastructure improvements and upgrades. We have the people, it is just a matter of putting them together. We have to meet their hospital needs.

John Pacheco has heard rumours about what is going on during the weekends. He wants to know why the police force has not increased. He suggested asking Rio Tinto for the money for the improvements.

Phil Germuth said there are a lot of projects promised here. The projects have enough money to make the community safe.

Mario Feldhoff commented they are expecting a lot of people in camps. In response to Eurocan they had to cut back 4 million from the budget. They have worked with interagency committee. There is also work on housing developments in the community. He expressed concerns about Multilevel care not being big enough and acute care not getting the attention it needs.

Mary Murphy said her brochure had the interagency committees. They implement solutions both short term and long term. She said they address people coming in. People are not finding employment, homes are not cost effective and there are shortages in the hospital.

Edwin Empinado said he wants to reduce teen violence and drug addiction. He wants to improve the police force. He said the province has left behind his health care and as a community, we need to take the initiative. We need more beds in Multilevel care so people can take care of their seniors.

Corrine Scott said they need to increase workers for the social problems which come along with the boom. The municipality would work with the authority, interagency and education groups to determine what would be needed with the expansions. She wanted to get all the people together so they could effectively plan the social programs.

Carl Whicher hoped for a lot of employers in Kitimat. He hears about lots of Camp Growth and hoped they would have strict rules for these people. They should cover the police force. Kitimat pays a lot of money for the police force, industries should help. He stated we have been losing operating room because there are not enough hospital beds. The Council ends to ask RTA and Apache to help out.

Joe Salema stated as a community grows, law enforcement should grow to help these social issues. They should put a capacity on the camps to put people into the community to respect what we have, enjoy it and draw them away from social activities which are going to be out there. Approach the companies which have not set their camps and ask them to get them into our communities.

Rob Goffinet said this is a problem as when they get a lot of money of investment, the camps get bigger. The Camp is a function of the corporation by concentrating everyone packed into a secure area. The downside is the rent increases in town as the employer’s staff get into them. There is a mayoral housing task force which needs to be focused on as the amount of low rent housing is decreasing as people move into the low rent housing. He wanted to get the drug and alcohol rate down as this impacts acute care which is already being impacted by multilevel care. Council is advocating not to cut school funding or ministry of children or families funding.

Runners Up: Callahan, Salema