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REPORTING · 17th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Tony Brady asked what they would do to make sure Kitimat gets its taxes into the community.

Rob Goffinet said there was a cost sharing in the North East. He suggested the mega projects could leave legacy grants and projects to help the District, Haisla and the Northwest. This has been discussed and they are looking at it. It is being discussed with the Provincial Government.

Joe Salema said he could not answer the question.

Carl Whicher said he would do anything he could to bring back the maximum benefits for Kitimat. One was to have Council decide on priorities. Companies need to come to town and everyone has to be speaking to the same projects. Council needs to speak as one.

Corrine Scott agreed. The Council needs to speak as one. They did this in talking to the government at UBCM as a cohesive group. They planned what they were going to go after. They agreed who would speak, which councillor was going to add to the conversation. They had 15 successful minutes with the premier and the leader of the opposition.

Edwin Empinado stated revenue would improve the services. He wanted all the Councillors to get the money back to make Kitimat a better place.

Mary Murphy agreed they need to get everyone on the same page before going to the government. They needed to hire the appropriate people to guide and direct them.

Mario Feldhoff said they have talked about a fair share program where many communities work cooperatively. They have talked about this across the Northwest. There is value in having this discussion and they are not going to have this if they do not work with communities. Kitimat is in a unique position given the number of projects on the way. These projects will provide money to strengthen communities and work going forward.

Phil Germuth said the fair share program was done in several of communities who received $32,000,000. This program allows the tax dollars to return to an area to be spent there as the industries will be using the facilities of the community, even if they are stationed out of the municipal boundaries. Germuth said we should be receiving some of the taxes for that.

John Pacheco said Phil’s comment was very well said and shook his hand.

Jack Riddle said the community needs to know what happens because all the decisions were done in camera. If it was not written in stone, Council would make sure the community got their fair share.

Josh Callahan pointed out the strength in numbers. He would build relationships with Terrace, Prince Rupert and the Haisla. The relationships need to extend to Victoria. If they know what we want and who they are, they would be more likely to help us.

Bob Corless stated fair share was an excellent program. The new premier might be more willing to listen then the prior premier. He sad they may have opened up the fair Share with the rest of the province and he is looking forward to the rest of the discussion.

Runners Up: Callahan, Feldhoff and Scott