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REPORTING · 17th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Linda Campbell wanted to know what the consultant reports say, the cost and what was implemented and how is Council More Effective.

Bob Corless said guessed it was around $30,000. They were told to be more respectful and some people chose not to be respectful. He reminded her they were dealing with 7 different people and it was up to these people. They would go good for a couple of weeks, then someone chose not to listen.

Mario Feldhoff said he could not recall the cost for these but the cost for not listening was significant. He could not see making them completely public as some were personal. They were all about being respectful and agreeing in a respectful fashion. He said we could not have a more respectful Council.

Corrine Scott said she had Randy Halyk had asked for the information to be prepared. As a rule, all the Councillors get the information. The three consulting expenses were from George Cuff, they have not paid for it yet. R. A. Beauchamp cost $3600, On Strategy was around $7000. She added this was before the By-election where she was voted in.

Rob Goffinet named the three and said Cuff had not paid yet and he feared the bill would be even more then the others. They received verbal and written instruction, rules of order, rules on presentation of motions, no surprises and notice of motion. He told them about respect, decorum and not to personalize issues of disagreement. They received the advice their parliamentarian would.

OUR PICK FOR BEST ANSWER: Not applicable, not all the candidates chose to answer.