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COMMENTARY · 17th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
So it is clear that at least one of our City Council members have not been reading these reports. After contemplating items in the George Cuff Report, I have two questions which I think the community needs answered.

In the report, Cuff tells the Mayor it is her job to follow the will of Council, not vice versa. She can appear as herself, but has to check her really impressive title at the door. By using her really impressive title, she endorses the opinion she provides as the opinion of the Council she represents. After reading this, I have two questions.

#1: Did Council approve of the Mayor appearing in articles across the country as Mayor claiming there was a Dangerous Wolverine on the loose in the community?

This appears to go against what Council was doing at the time, promoting Kitimat as a safe place to retire. It will be a detriment to attracting families to Kitimat as well because she says one of these wolverine could attack a child.

This stance was never publicly endorsed by Council. They might have done it in camera but this Dangerous Kitimat approach appears to work against the projects which they have been funding, retire Kitimat, and Monaghan’s promises of economic development at the beginning of each meeting.

2: Has Council approved of anointing Kitimat with the title of Boom Town?

This is slightly more serious. Kitimat, despite what you see on the news, is not entirely booming right now. A lot of the projects are in the early stages of development. it appears Alcan is using people who are trained labourers in their camp construction and other projects and neither it, or the LNG project appear to be at the stage where they are ready to hire the massive amounts of people predicted.

All the other projects in the community either have just been announced, are still in development or are projected to arrive between 2012-2016. Again, there has been no public decision by Council to endorse Kitimat as a boom town in the media.

But what happens with all the hopefuls who see Kitimat portrayed as a Boom Town in the media show up to find it is neither booming, and the people who are being hired are people have specific training?

Are they going to press charges because the Mayor has been misrepresenting the community?

Then again, this is not the first time the Mayor has done this. When she did this in the past, she received little more then a public shaming from the Councillors. This was simply seen as dysfunction by the community.