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REPORTING · 16th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Dieter Wagner asked for a show of hands, who is willing to fight Enbridge. Rob Goffinet, Joe Salema, Phil Germuth and Jack Riddle raised their hands.

Salema reminded it is not the Council, but the community who needs to fight it. The city works for the community.

Carl Whicher said it would take a year and a half. He said they needed to influence the JRP process for it not to happen.

Goffinet said any group of people can influence great things as long as they are respectful and make their point known. They support the speakers who hold their point of view in trust. He is going to present. They can influence it. They can make their voices known and do it respectfully

Mario Feldhoff said he does not believe this to be a done deal and hopefully will be listening to the people who signed on as interveners. It is not a done deal. The first step is to participate in the JRP.

Germuth said they might not be able to fight it but they could influence it. If the community wants Council to fight it, that is what they do.

Riddle said he did not trust Enbridge and doubted they were being honest with us or have our interests at heart. He hoped there would not be a rupture.

Joshua Callahan stated we should be fighting for mutually beneficial solutions and tell them how they want to operate in the community.

Bob Corless stated he liked the idea of a referendum and doing what the people wanted.

OUR PICK FOR BEST ANSWER: Not applicable, not all the candidates chose to answer.