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REPORTING · 16th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Question 7 came from Margaret Sanou. She said Council has earned a reputation for being dysfunctional. She wanted to know what the candidates would to ensure the reputation would no longer exist.

Edwin Empinado said it is about respect and communication, not disagreement. He said if someone disagree, he would ask why the disagreement work on. He would then ask for another solution. If there are good relationships in Council, there would be no disagreement.

Phil Germuth said Council needs to be more open and less decisions need to be behind close doors. They need to respect each others opinions and move forward this way.

Mary Murphy said the common ground is Kitimat and mudslinging is for a personal agenda. The Council needs to find common ground where they are representing the community and not themselves.

John Pacheco stated: “If the repetition says Council has a bad name, why not change it to all new members.”

Jack Riddle pointed out communication was a part of it. Honesty and openness was the other part of it. If the people of Kitimat were involved, it would work a lot better.

Joshua Callahan said this is where vision would come into play. If the Council had a vision and were working towards it, they would not have the disagreements because the bigger picture is Kitimat.

Bob Corless said there 7 different people with different opinions and personalities. They have to come up with one decision. They have to be open minded, work with others and occasionally, change your mind. He stated they were not dysfunctional at all.

Joe Salema agreed with Corless. The community needs to be involved. It is all about respect. Council needs to change its mind and go with it.

Carl Whicher said he would like to see Council meet to set goals and priorities for the next three years. They make it easier to see where they are going. Then they make decisions based on these goals. Respect is important, it should not be personal but focus on what is best for Kitimat.

Rob Goffinet stated the dysfunction has been noticed by everyone including the seven around the table. He hoped his actions and the way he talks has been noticed. He is not aggressive. He has been accused of being close to the people who he most disagrees with. He does not continue the battle.

Corrine Scott agreed with having a vision and goals in the new term. She stated there was a community plan and it was not being followed. She welcomes people with different points of view and not be confrontational. They need to communicate and respect each other.

Mario Feldhoff said they have had three experience people talk with them. He said different persons took them in different fashions. He wanted to see Council be respectful, do not ambush Councillors, even in disagreement. Council reflects the diversity of the community and they need to make an effort to be civil and come to consensus in the best interests in the community.

Runners Up: Corless, Feldhoff, Goffinet and Scott