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REPORTING · 16th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
The sixth questioner wanted to know what could be done to attract more business and industry to Kitimat.

Councillor Bob Corless stated things are on the move and this means tax money for the new Council. Kitimat has had a vibrant economic development group. It takes two years for these things to launch and Council often takes them on a tour. They have met with them and they welcome them to the area.

Joshua Callahan said the Douglas Channel is a great asset to the community. There are people working for the community working hard to bring economic development. We are the gateway to Asia. He suggested leveraging the title. He suggested letting the experts do their job.

Jack Riddle said Kitimat’s seaport is second to none. They could anchor ships here and not have a concern. We have something to sell them which Prince Rupert does not have. He said we have to look at the industry and know which one to say no to because our environment is our number one item.

John Pacheco said he could not add anything other then we need to be open minded.

Phil Germuth said they have to run an efficient local government. We need to have a road on the West side of the Douglas Channel.

Mario Feldhoff stated there are many projects without Enbridge and there are a lot of tax assessments coming in. They could eliminate the taxes to the commercial businesses and use the taxes the way other places have to bring in small businesses and industries.

Mary Murphy stated they need to prioritize what they want, the west side road, they need to work with the other groups and recover the loss of our public image.

Edwin Empinado said they need to change what they want Kitimat to be. We need successful bylaws. We can develop tourism but we cannot do this if our town is dirty.

Corrine Scott stated the community has been pursuing industry. They have links to international companies. The companies are looking for private port facilities. Kitimat has to keep the presence known. We need small businesses in town to provide jobs.

Carl Whicher said they need to run an efficient, financially conservative municipality. He said we have many jewels but we cannot control over prices. We could sit at the table and talk about the jewels we have here. He said Asia is booming and we are in the place to look after that. He felt it was a tragedy forestry is dead.

Joe Salema stated they need to lobby industries who can benefit from Kitimat. He can see a lot of things going to Asia to come back as aluminium wheels. We could have this next to the place which is producing it.

Rob Goffinet said RTA is a jewel which is right in front of us and no one thinks of. However it is ten years in the making, the District has been working hard. He wanted to see services go down the west side but acquiring ocean front land bringing the community, Haisla and Province together. He suggested making things out of natural gas.

RUNNERS UP: Feldhoff, Riddle