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REPORTING · 16th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
The next question came from Murray Minchin. He asked if Council will let their opinion be known before the JRP makes a decision.

Rob Goffinet said at this time, the District of Kitimat is not planning to make a presentation to the JRP. They are an intervener and after the public hearings, they will intervene and ask questions. He will intervene as himself in January on his family’s behalf.

Carl Whicher said he was going to wait until the JRP was coming up with its response. We ship 90 million barrels of oil. He said there was a lot of expertise and if we took this same stance elsewhere, we would not get on plane if there was a percent chance of a crash. He wanted to see what was in it for Kitimat.

Corrine Scott said the District of Kitimat has gone to the NEB and required Kitimat for Enbridge to address Kitimat’s requirements in the official community plan. There have been members of the District going before the JRP to make sure if the pipeline is approved, Enbridge will have all of their infrastructure in the Kitimat transportation and energy corridor. The infrastructure has to be removed at the end of the project. Council is participating.

Edwin Empinado said he will bring the communities opinion. They have to remember Democracy and these companies have money.

Mary Murphy said the risks outweigh the benefits. They could take the challenge on to come up with solutions to address the problem.

Mario Feldhoff said the District is an intervener and can write comment. They have not received some of the answers to the questions. They have the ability to give input. He wanted to know hwy they are not going to build an upgrader as it would create a lot of benefits and there are more benefits for building it here.

Phil Germuth said this is a difficult question because it will bring jobs and we want a lot of investment. However there comes a time when you look at a project and say no thanks. It does not matter how much safety you put into the project, eventually, human error will cause a disaster. He will follow the will of Council but this is his opinion.

John Pacheco said everyone has their opinion and he’ll wait to see what the answer from the JRP is.

Jack Riddle said Enbridge is a big company and they have to voice their opinions and be prepared. They are big people and is the community going to let them come in here and pollute our town. He does not think so.

Josh Callahan pointed out it comes down to when the JRP reaches their final verdict, it may be too late. The community needs to be prepared and they are going to lose out if we are not prepared. We need to be prepared for our concerns before the final decision is made.

Bob Corless said the Council needs to remain open minded. He said Enbridge is being open with us through the facts and figures. He thanked the people who are digging them up. He asked people to remain open minded on this divisive issue so when the project comes to the community, they could make an educated decision.

Runners Up: Feldhoff, Goffinet