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REPORTING · 16th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
The Fourth question came from a woman identified as Veronica. She asked them if they would put the Enbridge Issue to Referendum.

Joshua Callahan went through several of the issues with the pipeline, such as right of way and more controls. He said we needed to have a say, thought a referendum was a good idea and if they are coming to the community and let them know the conditions for operating here.

Bob Corless said when the facts are in, a referendum would be a good idea. The people of Kitimat and Kitamaat should have a say as well. It should be a joint decision.

Edwin Empinado said he wanted to see the communities participate in the system. If the referendum do not violate conditions of the province or the city, he would be in favour of it. However the District should declare its intentions.

Mario Feldhoff said they need to listen to the inputs. He sits on the CAB and there are representatives from across the spectrum. He said it is an open progress and he would like a referendum after the JRP comes out with its report.

Phil Germuth stated this issue is so big that Council should not be deciding, the community should decide as Council is voice of the community.

Rob Goffinet said if it was forced upon us, he would mitigate the risks and maximize the benefits on behalf of the community. He would welcome the referendum because he has faith in the community to make a good decision.

Mary Murphy said they represent the people and this is true. She has done her research and done everything she could to learn about the project. We have accepted the risks and benefits of LNG. She feels they should have a referendum to have a clear picture.

John Pacheco said they should have a referendum but the community did not have a referendum over power sales.

Jack Riddle said there was an obvious choice as Enbridge is a big item. He pointed out there were two referendums in Washington and North Dakota over the tar sands.

Joe Salema said a referendum was a good idea. If they had a referendum and it did go in favour of Enbridge, he would change his decision on the project.

Corrine Scott said she was encouraging the citizens to participate, bring the concerns forward and have a referendum after the JRP

Carl Whicher pointed out we are a democracy but a small community. This is Federal Mandate. He suggested this idea should be a part of the Joint Review process. Have each community along the pipeline polled rather then just community and ask Enbridge to pay for it. See what people feel about the project, are they receiving the awards for the risks they are taking. He would hate to spend money and have it have no effect. He reminded everyone how, in 1994, Gordon Campbell had Kemano Completion shut down at a cost of 537 million dollars and we lost jobs.

Runners Up: Corless, Feldhoff