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REPORTING · 14th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Virgil Vales, representing CAW 2300 stepped up at the City Council Meeting on Monday, November 7th. He welcomed the new Municipal Manager, Ron Poole.

“Mr. Poole’s Hiring has been a breath of fresh air. We have only met on two occasions and from what I have seen, I like him. As time permits, I hope we can build a positive relationship to better serve our employer, the people of Kitimat,” said Vales.

He also took the time to thank Councillor Gerd Gottschling for serving the community as Councillor. “While people might not have agreed with him on certain issues, but everything he did, he did for the love of this community,” said Vales. “Dr. Gottschling donated all of the money he received from serving as Councillor and I’m proud to call him my friend.”

He expressed he came to the meeting to introduce Council to a few of the public servants in the community, who do their work quietly and invisibly around the community. Without them, the community would ‘grind to a halt.’

“For the last 15 years, the relationship between the union and the management has been one of confrontation. There has not been a harmonious relationship as stated in the collative agreement. Morale has suffered greatly over the years, it’s time to rebuild that relationship and we have started with new language which will be in a future agreement. It’s called joint consultation. Mutual respect is the foundation of a relationship,” said Vales.

Virgil introduced the negotiating team: Jose Pires, vice president of CAW2301, Marty Mcllwrath trustee,CAW2301, Sean O'driscoll, business agent for both 2301 and ours 2300, Paul Silvestre, chief mechanic, Rosemary Iouttit , Jamie Matos, labourer Public Works Yard, Kelly Marsh, Building and Utilities Maintenance Person and Jeremy dos Santos, labourer in Public Works Yard.

“I look forward to a positive relationship in the future with the administration, together for the better service of our community, the employers of the community, the tax payers,” said Vales.

Gottschling thanked him for the kind words and for bringing his crew up to meet the Council.
The Council meeting was packed with union members as well as the usual hangers on.
The Council meeting was packed with union members as well as the usual hangers on.