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REPORTING · 14th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Allen Hewitson took the stand at the Regular Meeting of Kitimat City Council to promote hosting Coy Cup in March of 2012.

“The Kitimat Ice Demons Senior Men’s Hockey Club in its 10th anniversary season has earned the right to defend the Coy Cup and […] the Senior Men’s hockey championship in 2012. The team is the current champion and has won this championship four times in the previous nine seasons and has been runner up once in addition,” said Hewitson.

He expressed the demons last hosted the Coy Cup in 2006 and won then. It was acclaimed to be the most successful hosting of the cup which Bob James has ever seen in his long career in BC Hockey. He thanked the people from the District of Kitimat for the work they did.

Hewitson stated this could be a challenge for their club. Costs have risen for transportation. Accommodations have all risen as well. The committee will work to the best of their ability. He asked them to consider a $10,000 grant for this event, as it is a 5 day event running until Saturday.

This money will go to help the rival teams to travel to Kitimat and their accommodations. It will not be the full amount. Cliff Madsen, the team’s Vice president brought the economic benefits with him and distributed them to Council. The competition is estimated to bring $74,000 of economic benefit to Kitimat. He presented it in a handout to Council.

“The first part that you see there is a pretty standard breakdown of every dollar that is spent in our community is going to go. As you read further on, it tells how many people we expect. New people visiting the community, staying in the community, spending their money and there is a potential to generate over 70,000 in economic activity in the community. On top of that, there is the activity that will develop locally amongst our own citizens with this great event going on at this time,” said Madsen.

“We work with a number of other organizations within the community so that if we are successful as we were the last time, the other organizations within the community, such as minor hockey, such as the skating club which runs the concession at the arena, there are other organizations to help us provide security and other activities during the event also gain from what we manage to accomplish,” said Hewitson.

Councillor Rob Goffinet noted, in 2006, the arena sold out all 5 days, not just from Kitimat, but from people outside of the community as well. Martin Gould stated they sold out five of the 8 games played. They were standing room only. The money benefited the Ice Demons and the District of Kitimat who received benefits through benefit sharing.

Councillor Randy Halyk moved $10,000 for the sponsorship and the funds come from grants for community organizations. Councillor Corrine Scott wondered if they could take $5000 from this year and $5000 from next year.

Councillor Feldhoff said he was uncertain their budget was not too bad. It was suggested they take $10,000 from next year. Council continued to discuss being updated on their budget.

Halyk suggested spending the money now and letting the future be the future. He said this would be a good investment because money would come back into the community because of it.

The motion was called and carried.