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REPORTING · 14th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Wildlife Shelters, such as the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter provide an opportunity for animals to be rehabilitated, such as bear cubs whose mother has been destroyed. However, there has been a lack of bear cubs being sent to the shelter from Kitimat and Terrace.

“The bear cubs in the lower mainland are all being considered for rehabilitation if they are orphaned. The cubs in the rest of BC are either getting shot or left out there to die. There is a two way treatment for all of the bear cubs in the province,” said Angelika Langen.

According to Langen, all the conservation officers have to do is tell Northern Lights where the cubs are and they will come to get them. She added if they do go and get them, the Conservation Officers are upset with them for doing it.

”I would like to see equal treatment for all the bear cubs in BC so that we will be able to rescue them when the need arises.”

She said there are limits. If they do not have room they cannot take the bears. However, at the moment, they are half empty.
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Comment by seiously on 14th November 2011
I'm baffled by this...This summer when we had a problem with a wolverine getting to comfortable close to town, an excuse used by CO's was not enough man power and now we learn when offered help to say help rehablitate cubs they get upset. Its no wonder so many in this town have absolutely no faith in the local conservation officers