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REPORTING · 11th November 2011
Joe Salema
Folks, I really don't know what I'm doing here, this isn't an election, its down right embarassing! This isn't Kitimat (at least I don't think it is). This is grade kindergarden! We need to focus on the issues of our community not the issues of past-tense, they all screwed up we all agree to that, whether a little or alot(we're all human). T. Hall screwed up, we got rid of him. LETS MOVE ON! I'm listening to all this mudslinging and wondering, I'm only human, is this what I have to look forward to "WHEN" I screw up??? Where's the respect for your VOTE, your CHOICE and your REPRESENTATIVE?
I sat on the forum as prepared as I planned and I wanted you all to see the real me and was as candid as I could possibly be, I could've done a little bashing myself but thats not what its about, we all have a little something that would help this community move forward and if we all started bashing each other where would that get us as a community (probably on the comedy channel).
So lets all focus on what we need to do to make Kitimat a better place and start by respecting all the candidates for council and mayor for who they are (people) and why they are doing what they are doing (to serve this community) on your behalf.
I'd like to thank this community for the oppertunity that has been presented to me at this time (just one of the hardest things on my bucketlist to date) and would like to wish all candidates luck. I look forward to sitting on council with anyone of you for the next 3 years.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 19th November 2011
Why would I come to your defence Danny when its common knowledge that super heros(Batman in particular) are more than capable of looking after themselves.
None of you are being "Real"
Comment by Danny Nunes on 16th November 2011
All I keep hearing is we dont want negativity and mudslinging. We want a clean and honest and fair elecion where we dont resort to attacks and name calling....only issues.


I will use myself as an example. I have been attacked several times on posts here and yet...I dont see a Brenda Mitchell or any other anti negativity commenters coming to my defense and saying...lets not mud sling at Danny or attack him.

And I am not the only candidate to be attacked as well but again....I do not see any of these critics of negativity or mudslinging coming to the defense of others...because they should edit there remarks to say.

"I am only against mudslinging and negativity towards candidates I support"

Any other candidate whom I have a personal grudge or bias towards though is fair game because only my opinion is correct.

Like it or not my name is on the ballot...& whether you like me personally or disagree with how I go about campaigning I should be accorded the same respect as anyone else who put their name forward .

& attacks on someone are not limited to the internet either....just because you think your hatred and negativity isnt is.

Until any of you treat all running equally and accord them the same defense and treatment then I dont believe a word you have to say.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 15th November 2011
Totally agree with you and it would be great seeing you on Council.Good luck on Saturday.
Educated opinions vs. Insults
Comment by Mike Forward on 15th November 2011
Sarcastic rhetorical questions are not my idea of an educated opinion about an individual who has opted to run for office.

I have no qualms with someone expressing an educated criticism about an individual who is running for office. By choosing to run, these individuals have opened themselves up to public scrutiny. There is no denying that.

However, what I have very little time and patience for is attack-style politics that are all too common in all levels of Government, be it Municipal, Provincial or Federal. We are a small enough community where everyone knows each other that peoples' track records should be able to speak for themselves.

What I am more interested in seeing is what good this person can do. I don't need them to tell me how bad "the other guy/girl" is--I can deduce that for myself. What I prefer to hear from each of the candidates is how they have positively worked towards the betterment of our community and how they plan to continue to move forward constructively.

I'm pleased to say that the majority of the candidates seem to be following this line of thinking, in my opinion. But there are a few stuck in the fractured, broken rhetoric of years gone by where the community was divided. I think that to elect such individuals to Council would be to sign Kitimat up for another few years of in-fighting, and with all the opportunity facing our town, that is something we can ill afford to do.
Comment by joe salema on 15th November 2011
This Tom was not a shot at any one candidate it was a general comment aimed at the direction this election is headed , we've all screwed up in our life-time but we hope we learn from it . I think the community wants to know what you just asked me (WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU/COMMUNITY?). Well Tom what I won't do is relish on the old and I will look to the future , what issues are ahead and try and make sound decitions for the better of this community . No I have no B/A's PHD's or any other acronym behind my name but that doesn't mean I haven't any commen sense . I could probably bash each and everyone of those running in this election and they could do the same about me but is that going to deside on who you or anyone is going to vote for , or does the community want an answer to your question.??
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 14th November 2011
Randy Halyk needs to stop the mudslinging-show some respect-get rid of all his negativity and then we just might learn what his plans are for our community.Was great reading Joes article.As I said before its a breath of fresh air.Good luck on Saturday Joe.
Water boarding...
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 14th November 2011
Wow, to listen to Joe and the Mayor’s supporters who replied, you'd think expressing an educated opinion about a politician is just one notch below water boarding. There is a defense for what some (mostly the Mayor and her supporters) like to call “mud slinging” and it goes like this; YOU do not have the right to regulate or vet what I have to say merely because you disagree with it. As much as you may not like my words and my ideas, the fact is that all non-fraudulent and non-defamatory speech is protected and that includes the right to CRITICIZE the government. If you seek to shackle a person's ability to express an opinion you attack a fundamental freedom; and that is the right to persuade others of the merits of my views. Joe, I would encourage you to look at who is mudslinging and I think you will find it ironic that the people who are the loudest are the ones with the most to hide and the most political experience!

And, I was just wondering, if calling someone a bully without any substantiation backing it up is mud slinging?

Joe, instead of writing articles on “mudslinging” and the “we need to get along” rhetoric you need to answer just one question. “What are you going to DO for me?”
Congrats Joe
Comment by Danny Nunes on 12th November 2011
With this recent post and the poll numbers its looking like you are going to make one heck of a councillor after the 19th.

It is for real
Comment by Walter McFarlane on 12th November 2011
Take it from someone who attends Council meetings regularly. Most of the time, they are regular meetings with few problems.

However, some times, personalities clash and things get out of hand. It is not fair to pin all the blame on Mayor, nor is it fair to pin all the blame on any of the other Councillors.

From what I have seen in Council, the problems revolve as much around the chair as they do around the Councillors. This has been reported many times in the past on our webpage.

However, some people in Kitimat ignore the advice: "Don't shoot the messenger," pretend it's all made up and look the other way.
Nicely put.
Comment by Mike Forward on 12th November 2011
Joe, it's great to see someone willing to rise above the mud-slinging. Keep focussing on what you can do to help drive Kitimat forward, rather than dwelling on the past.

Well said, and keep up the good work!
you right
Comment by Keven Fifi on 12th November 2011
It seems like the candidates have gotten it in their heads that by pointing the finger at everyone else we the voters wont see how those same people were part of the exact problem they say they can fix. Yet now they sit here on this forum pointing fingers and never Admitting their own part in the problems of council. They say things like I have done this I have done that but the Mayor wasnt open and transparent with council. Than in the next breath they say they have met with other councils like the Haisla band and the Terrace council and things would be better under them. Makes you wonder what exactly they have said to make these other govenments to cooperate with them. Wheres the tranparency now? Your right we need to start looking forward. maybe with a new slate of people in charge. Ones that will work together instead of fighting amongst themselves. In my Humble Opinion this Infighting is way worse than any wolverine. And more embarrassing.
nuff said Joe
you got my vote
Kitimat First
Comment by David on 12th November 2011
OK Joe,

Good values - Because of this posting I will vote for you.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 12th November 2011
A breath of fresh air-Thankyou!