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REPORTING · 11th November 2011
Kitimat Daily News
In a shocking statement today after the American Government announced they would be delaying the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline from the Tarsands to the Southern USA, Jim Flaherty stated Canada may have to move quickly to market the oil to Asia.

This is an ominous declaration against the National Energy Board and the Joint Review Panel. The hearing schedule has already been determined and thousands of residents have lined up to speak against the Enbridge proposal to bring this bitumen to Kitimat and Douglas Channel.

Now the Finance Minister has added his voice to the victory speech of Prime Minister Harper and the pronouncements of the Ministry’s of Energy and the Environment.

All have openly declared their intention that this project go through. Harper was most pointed. In his first speech after winning the majority he now has he stated this was good as the policies of the Liberals and the NDP against tankers on BC’s west coast and against the Enbridge pipeline to Kitimat were bad policies.

He basically straight forwardly claimed the opinions of the residents of BC and the west coast will have no influence, the pipeline will go ahead.

Today, with the sudden announcement of the Keystone project delay and the potential that it will never proceed, Canada’s Finance Minister has boldly stated, not even mentioning the process underway, that they will push ahead and turn up the speed to construct it.

Stay tuned
Our Biggest Fight
Comment by Jack Riddle on 13th November 2011
At the All Candidates meeting I said that our biggest fight would be Enbridge, that if the Federal Government has it's way the pipeline will be here before we even know it. What ever happened to democracy? Our feeble little northern votes don't mean a thing when "big money' speaks. it doesn't matter what the north wants, our voice is too small. We need to organize across the whole northern corridor and we need to organize now! I have said from the beginning that this would be a fight and I am ready to take it on.
This Is Canada's!
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 13th November 2011
Some of us met with Nathan Cullen the other day and he told us an interesting little story. A senator from Texas told him in a meeting, we are looking forward to getting Canadas tar sands to our refineries in Texas, it is cheap to process there and it will create thousands of jobs for US citizens, so please send us your oil! Then the Senator told him, but reverse the situation and if Texas had the tar sands and Canada had the refineries, Canadians wouldn't see a drop of that oil! Nuff said!
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 12th November 2011
I am not only the single candidate, but maybe the only person, who has attended virtually every meeting, presentation and delegation from the National Energy Board, Joint Review Panel, Regional District Board, City Council, Enbridge Northern Gateway, First Nations, Environmental groups and Protest group gatherings.

Since 2006 I have attended, recorded and reported on almost every industrial, economic, political, environmental and social issue in the Skeena Stikine area from my home in Terrace, BC.

I have heard, studied and researched every side of almost every issue and Enbridge has been a feature for the last four years. I even devoted an entire section to Enbridge on this website and the

Most other political leaders discover what is going on by visiting the website to become informed. This election will make the Mayor of Terrace the most significant player in representing our regions concerns to the Provincial and Federal Governments.

I believe I am the only candidate who can stand up for you, the people, with complete integrity and strength that comes from the depth of knowledge I possess.

I also have a vision. To unite all the people of the Skeena Stikine under the profile image of a face formed by the three major rivers, the Skeena, Stikine and the Nass, looking east over Williston Lake and the Rocky Mountains. Google three words only – BC rivers map – and look at the orange geology BC map. The eye is at the Klappan Coal Fields next to the Spatzizi Wilderness Plateau; the origin and filter for all these waters.

It is this smiling face, looking east to the old world, we can all unite behind. We need to stand completely united, we can no longer, especially today, be divided.

I need everyone who is reading this to call every one they know who is eligible to vote in Terrace to ensure they get out on the 19th, on Saturday, to vote Merv Ritchie for Mayor.

It is the most important, the most significant thing you will ever do. If you are part of the 99 % and you do this one thing, call everyone you know in Terrace, ensure they are registered and ensure they vote, I will win by a landslide.

This will send a clear and unified message that we are all one people and we stand together.

I completely trust you to do this, because you truly know in your heart it is the right thing to do.

Read everything about me and my views on my ad on the website
reap what they sow
Comment by enbridge fighter on 12th November 2011
Just know that if it comes down to the dozers and excavating equipment coming to town, i would think nothing of chaining myself between two trees blocking the path. This outcome sickens me. The Government sickens me. I feel the urgency and need to do whatever my little being can possibly do to STOP THIS.

Granny goes to jail
Comment by Linda Halyk on 12th November 2011
We have to stop this.All the people om Harper's team can't be for this can they. Or are they all mindless stooges. This will touch all of Canada and the whole world. What happens in Kitimat does not stay in Kitimat.
I fear for my great grandchildren, what is this world going to look like.
Will our local leaders start forcefully campaigning against this. Phone calls need to be made, help is required, we will not be sold out. Kitimat says no, to spoiling our water.
We need phone numbers and start dialing Harper, Clark, Dix, May and everyone else.
I wonder
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 11th November 2011
Is the Mayor is going to "GRAB THE BULL BY THE HORNS? Like she said she would at the debate.
I also wonder if Councillors Feldhoff, Scott, Goffinet and Corless will make a motion to drop the districts "neutrality" and help to defend our water and stand with the people. If not then we know who they represent... and I think I already know which is why none of them have my support!

Comment by Robert Sallows on 11th November 2011
This is an environmental disaster just waiting to happen and i can't beleve 50 % of the people of Terrace are for this pipeline.Likely they are the ones thinking they are gonna get 1 of these imaginary jobs!!Enjoy the spill when it tarnishes your hunting , fishing and camping grounds.This dictatorship and their bedfellow corporations can kiss this taxpayers ass!!
rememebrance day
Comment by al on 11th November 2011
well, hot topic, 2 replies in one day. guess im kinda pissed, funny how the government anounces an iron fist decision at the time of a National Holiday telling us what we shall do, and, to remember the Veterans who died and risked their lives, sacrified family and friends, and had no real support when they came home to accept the challenges they were faced with. From the people of Canada, thank you for what you have done, the Government may have forgotten, but we havent

money is everything
Comment by R.B. on 11th November 2011
sorry to say everyone but you should have known there was no stopping to this big money to the government... well hmmm billions of dollars to convince our goverment, it was only a matter of time.
The will of the people??
Comment by Gerry Hummel on 11th November 2011
Since when did Enbridge and these 4 clowns become the BOSS OF US! What ever happened to the will of the People, we are wasting millions of dollars on review panels and everything when it's so well documented that 75-80% of Canadians don't want this pipeline project! Once Again WHAT PART OF "NO"DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND Do we have to take our government back by force, HARPER and his Big Oil Cronies have to go!
This as we're learning that the gas company is going to dump their waste rock into the channel, something we never signed up for! What next, these people have no concern for the environment!
You beat me to it Al
Comment by Ric le Ruge on 11th November 2011
Al, your comments so totally reflect my own that I do not need to type it.
If something smells like fish then it could well be fishy.

There you have it.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th November 2011
For all of the people who have faith in the JRP,the federal Govt .has just proven the game is rigged.This is not about oil now ,its about Dictatorship. The Government has taken upon itself to tell us we have no say in anything any more,our concerns are meaningless. I will have to laugh now when I hear what a wonderful democratic country we live in. We are all pawns for the rich. Wether you are for ,or against oil is one thing ,but we must all fight for democracy.
our loyal government
Comment by al on 11th November 2011
I always wondered where the wall went from Germany, I guess it got re-positioned in Ottawa, somewhere between our loyal government and the voters of this country, everything on the one side of the wall is good, everything on the other side is bad, talk about setting democracy back a thousand years by being bullied into accepting change wether we like it or not.
We are not just talking about a pipeline now, we are talking about our freedoms and liberties being dictated by a few.
Yes we vote for these people, but with the understanding, like in any other job, if you get caught lieing,cheating or stealing, you get fired. Maybe its time to investigate what the hell is going on in parliment, might be the odd kickback going on over there to help coax the democracy we live in
Stalin is dead, let's not bring him back as Canadas new dictator
Comment by VIRGIL VALES on 11th November 2011
The wishes of the citizens are no longer listened to,corporations and the elite run our governments.It is becoming more obvious that the Joint Review Process is to lull the people into thinking that there is a fair process in place, when our leaders are saying that they are going to speed up the project, and to hell with what the people think or want.