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REPORTING · 10th November 2011
Jack Riddle
I would like to thank all of our present Councillors and the Mayor for the time they have devoted to Kitimat. With all the mudslinging being reported it is easy to forget that each and everyone of our Councillors and the Mayor have given their time to doing what they felt would make Kitimat a better place for all of us. We should all keep in mind that these people are not devoting their time for monetary gain (there is very little of that) but to making Kitimat a better place to live and raise our children. Please can we give them some respect!
So true
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 13th November 2011
Very well said and I hope the citizens of Kitimat see you sitting on Council.For the most part we are not a community of mudslingers and my hope is that certain people will soon understand that.Good luck in the election.