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COMMENTARY · 10th November 2011
Randy Halyk
What will I do as Mayor?

I will use my leadership skills to conduct council meetings respectfully and honor councilors freedom to speak. I will vigorously protect each memberís right to fair and even debate and will never preempt a councilor to advance my own position.

I will respect the wishes of Council in all matters, uphold councilís decisions and the outcomes of motions whether I voted for or against. As Mayor I will be inclusive and collaborative with council, Administration, and the People.

I will convene a Planning and Goal setting summit meeting to facilitate the adoption of a Council Mission Statement and Vision at the earliest convenience after the Election and I will collaborate with council to place the most qualified councilor on the appropriate commission or committee.

I will make every effort to make the community proud of the Mayor and Council while allowing councilors to be included and accountable. This means giving credit where credit is due and allowing Councilors to speak of their accomplishments.

I will respect the fundamental rules of in camera, the three Lís, Legal, Land, and Labour. Sensitive decisions and discussion will remain in camera until Council determines they are no longer sensitive.

This will insure information that could be used to benefit unscrupulous individuals or potentially harm The District of Kitimat will stay behind closed doors. Those in discussions with council will have complete trust that no leaks will ever occur and that the integrity of Council is beyond reproach.

I will include council and administration in all sensitive meetings and will not meet with anyone unless these criteria are met.

The office of Mayor does not automatically demand Respect. Respect must be earned a Mayor must act with dignity and Honesty to be seen as a worthy leader that considers the Council and the good of the community when speaking and doing.
On the Phone
On the Phone
Bear Aware Community
Comment by tamitik on 12th November 2011
I would like to know what your plans are for Kitimat regarding the Bears in the community, I realize that Kitimat is in midst of forest lands, and that bears will come and go in municipal lands. tu HOwever, in the past year, there have been a lot of bears in Kitimat, people in general don't seem to mind them, but it becomes a problem when bears become habituated to garbage, not enough is being done to educate the community or enforce garbage regulations. What are the plans for a conservation office being set up in Kitimat due to the high numbers of bears. I am sure alot of us would like to see bears relocated, rather than killed.. but people need to be more responsible with garbage that attracts bears or other wildlife.. we would like to see Kitimat become a bear aware community. If it is already, what has been done up to date.. thanks