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REPORTING · 9th November 2011
I often read the RCMP report which is posted in the Terrace Daily Online. I find it somewhat interesting but on occasion alittle boring. It does, however, let the community of Terrace know what's going on in their city in regards to policing issues.
I'm curious if Kitimat would like a similar report published in the Kitimat Daily.

Your comments please.
It's about time
Comment by Eye opener on 13th November 2011
This should a happened a long time ago,we hear so many rumors of rape,sexual assault drugs and more.if this is happening we need to know this ,so we can keep are families save from these people instead of hiding it to make this town sound safe.I have small kids and it has gotten to the point I have to keep a eye on them all the time even in my own yard.There use to be a time when we could leave are door unlocked,but not now. A lot of people have bought security systems because what has happened in this town .I was reading a few comments on the Kitimat daily from the bomb disposal team brought in Vancouver.A lot of comments are about how the drugs are in this town.A majority of crimes have to do with drugs in one way or another.It was stated that a lot of the big drug dealers are making so much money that they are buying heavy equipment and starting business. Rumor has it that one of these drug dealers is renting his truck to a company that is working at the Kmp and has any clue this is happening.what is going on with this,is it that easy to operate this type of criminal activity with out being detected.If it is then it is time to bring the hammer down very hard till it is to late.
Comment by Ken on 11th November 2011
Yes I do believe that the community of Kitimat have the right to know what is really happening in our town.
Comment by Ted Bergen on 10th November 2011
#1. I apologize for not using my full name.
#2. I have just been informed that this idea will be put on the agenda of the next council meeting for discussion (& hopefully a vote). Lets hope for the best.
Comment by Julie on 10th November 2011
Yes! We need to know what we are walking with. OUR comminity needs to come first and our children need to be a priority. As a parent I think having the knowledge of what is going on around us is valuable in decisions wheather our children or teens walk 3 min or 15 mins. I have the right to know! Let these criminals know they cannot hide and bring their name and face out to the open for the public to decide what is fair for our families. The RCMP have done the best for the public with what resorses they have and the little man power they have available to them.
Comment by yllana on 10th November 2011
this would be a source of info to know what goes on in this community. my source of info is here on this site and the connector .

in terrace i had an idea of community events and happening as their local paper is free and delivered. i understand a small community can not do that.

also word of mouth/gossip is how i find out what's happening here
Comment by Mike on 10th November 2011
YES. Absolutely yes!
Absolutely ....
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 10th November 2011
I think its a great idea,I have been hearing many disturbing rumours and it would be nice to have them put to rest. It is important that we know what is happening around us.And it may open the eyes to a few people who think we are immune to the problems of other communities. You can't help fix a problem if you dont know you have one. I look forward to seeing it soon,I hope
Great Idea
Comment by Kelley Dundas Williams on 10th November 2011
What a good idea; it would keep us all informed and aware of all aspects of our community
Comment by Danny Nunes on 9th November 2011
Well currently we have a monthly policing report that the RCMP present to city council so I suggest the RCMP makes that report available to the local media as well.
For Sure
Comment by Steve Everitt on 9th November 2011
I too would like that, any other place I've lived has had one in the paper or on the radio at least.
Comment by Jimmy on 9th November 2011
With the amount of sirens I've been hearing lately, I think that is a good idea.
RCM Report on Kitimat Daily Online
Comment by Bruce Vienneau on 9th November 2011
Yes I would like to see a Kitimat RCMP report, it seems that the only source of information that I get now on this subject is from gossip from my wife and her freinds.
Comment by Ralph Bartel on 9th November 2011
Yes I think they should. Then everybody else in town will see what we have to put up with here on Starling St. Police, ambulance, fire truck and paramedic truck here at a certain location at least twice a week on average. Your tax dollars well spent and no end in sight for such a waste of our resources.
Yes please.
Comment by Mike Forward on 9th November 2011
Title says it all. :)
rcmp report
Comment by Linda Halyk on 9th November 2011
Agree whole heartedly