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Meeting with the Premier UBCM
NEWS RELEASE · 9th November 2011
Randy Halyk
What have I done for economic development in my term as Councillor?

We must be clear how economic development works in Kitimat to really understand what has been accomplished.

Kitimat has an in-house ED strategy a holdover from the previous Council. It works like this; all proponents i.e. interested parties contact the District of Kitimat Economic Promotion & Investor Services who maintain a database of all the properties, and available infrastructure including a complete set of data about Kitimat, this is disseminated to interested parties.

District of Kitimat Economic Promotion & Investor Services then continue to follow up with the proponent and solicit them. This all happens in isolation Mayor and Council have no involvement.

Mayor and Council need to be involved.

I have moved 4 separate resolutions to include Mayor and Council in economic development. The present Council including the Mayor has shown a lack of Vision on the Economic Development front and tabled or rejected all my efforts to make positive change.

I believe Mayor and Council must be apprised of every opportunity that comes along and furthermore we must have a PLAN that is not bureaucratic but inclusive of Mayor and Council. The PLAN must also include members of the community.

Now in that context my contribution:

I have attended every NCLGA, UBCM, and FCM and lobbied government to recognize Kitimat as the jewel she is. As an active member with the Eurocan viability Committee contacted investment capital firms around the world with deep enough pockets to invest in a pulp mill and promoted Kitimat.

I attend economic development forums to learn, lobby, and promote Kitimat. I have conversations with the appropriate Provincial or Federal Minister and when I do I report back to Council. I have been in contact with economic development officers across Canada requesting advice on the process and while doing so have also promoted Kitimat.

I have also attended First Nations meetings around the northwest and have never had the pleasure of meeting Monaghan at any of them.

I attended the Enbridge CAB meetings from the very first and was the most vocal member for the rights of the people of Kitimat and British Columbia.

So what have I accomplished, you be the judge.

On the other hand Monaghan has never been to NCLGA, UBCM, or FCM in the three years I have been a Councillor, she has never attended any of the ED forums, the economic development officers I have spoken with have never heard from Monaghan ever.

Monaghan claims she is responsible for billions of dollars of development Claims of Billions being spent are just that claims. I say Monaghan Show me the Money!

Monaghans Claims are interesting;

The Animal Shelter, Council and Administration never had any oversight. There was never a tendering process and yet funds where advanced on faith that the work was done on the cheap. To my mind that’s not how to take care of your tax dollars.

Monaghans’ claims she is committed to open dialogue, but where and with whom?

Clams of open dialogue with industry can’t be substantiated as few records can be found and if there were meetings it would seem prudent that at the very least Administration or a councilor should also be present. Experts recommend that a Mayor never meet alone.

Monaghans open dialogue with former Chief Councillor Pollard of the Haisla resulted in embarrassing her at an open council meeting, is this how to instill trust and respect . It may have destroyed any chance at dialogue with the Haisla.

Monaghan claimed to be best friends with former Premier Campbell and said she could talk to him anytime. When council requested she invite him to Kitimat, and she accepted the task but never could get a meeting, even in our hour of need when Eurocan closed nothing happened.

Our new premier Christ Clark came to the North West twice and arrived unannounced each time. I discovered she was coming and requested Council ask administration to invite her to meet. Christy Clark met with Rio Tinto and the Haisla on the first occasion but not with Mayor and Council.

The second time I also discovered she was coming and again asked administration to request a meeting. Monaghan alone met with her and for only 15 minutes.

Not what I would call open dialogue. On the other hand I and Council met Premier Clark in her office in Vancouver, oh yea after our meeting the Council was photographed with her. It should also be noted that when I addressed her as Premier she said Randy please call me Christy.

I have attended every opportunity to meet with every minister on both sides of the Legislature and House and have also created my own opportunities while networking at the UBCM, FCM, NCLGA, and many other forums. Council has never been apprised of any meetings Monaghan had with the federal Government so if Monaghan has met with them Council is unaware of it.

Any credit for KLNG, BCLNG, Shell, must be given to former Mayor Wazney’s council and the District of Kitimat Economic Promotion & Investor Services, projects like that don’t happen overnight they take time. Again present Council including Monaghan where not involved.

Pytrade is completely a Monagan project she has worked with this company behind the scenes for 3 years and still no results just promises.

There is an existing study on a Break Bulk Port about 5 years ago so how can Monaghan take credit for that what of the Port Development Group that was given a grant, a report was produced, is this what she means .

Monaghan claims a Hotel will be built in City Center; there has been no contact at the planning dept. No development permit, no building permit, just empty promises and again no involvement from District of Kitimat Economic Promotion & Investor Services or Council.

Tim Horton’s has not submitted plans, no development permit, and no building permit. Monaghan announced Tim Horton’s would be coming to Kitimat; Council and District of Kitimat Economic Promotion & Investor Services heard of this the same time the public was informed, Council had no opportunity to invite, indeed the first we heard of it was that Timmies would be installed in the RTA Camp and I was the only Councillor to protest that posibility. She can take full credit for this empty promise.

The intrigue surrounding the former CAO T Hall quitting his job and receiving a large sum as severance, though still in camera was mentioned by both Monaghan and Thom at the all candidates forum. Monaghans statement that it would have cost Kitimat more if we didn’t pay is false. The Contract clearly states that in order to get severance he would have to be fired
Examples of her lack of leadership
Comment by Danny Nunes on 10th November 2011
Stay tuned Bill. the examples will be appearing on the Daily any day now.
Make love not war.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 10th November 2011
I agree with a lot of the posters on here, but have you ever been involved in a group where one of the members always brings the worst out in you? I am hoping That Mr.Halyk can and will be cooperative if maybe hedidn't have to deal with the sitting Mayor. I am sure the Mayor has tried hard to do her job to the best of her abilities. She has been in politics for a long time but has been making rookie mistakes with the way she has been handling some situations. She knows the protocol of municipal politics ,but for some reason she has seemed to want to do a little too much on her own with out councils input .A few too many decisions where she stepped outside her boundary. I know where Mr Halyk stands and he defends himself on here ,where has the Mayor been ? I haven't seen a reply to anyones comments from her and to top it all off she has other people defending her on here.Time for her to step up and fight her own battles. Good luck to all the candidates and may the best person win. ... PS I am still disturbed by the secret deal the mayor and council made with the ex municipal manager. Nice to have a gag clause in your contract I guess. Oh yes and why did kitimat have to pick the tab up for our ex manager to attend court in Vernon ,which is coincidently close to where he now lives and works . Things worked out just too well for someone in this deal.
Comment by Steve Connolly on 10th November 2011
Almost all of Randy's list of what he feels are achievements start with the words, "Attended", "Served on", "Participated", "Supported" ... these are activities, like for breathing and eating ... they are not results. They should not be used when evaluating performance.

The question as to what has been achieved to improve town re-vitalization has been avoided. i.e. How many new jobs were created? To what degree was the population increased? What goals had been set in the first place? None?

Confusing activity with results is typical politician talk ... and scary for the future of Kitimat ... because most of the other candidates also talk the same way.

Election candidates need to clearly state what town re-vitalization goals/results they want to see achieved and, in particular, give credibility by clearly stating as to how they intend to do so (without using words as denoted above).

Steve Connolly

Danny's comments
Comment by BILL FRANKLIN on 9th November 2011
I cannot accept or ignore a lack of leadership during her term as mayor.

Can you give examples of her lack of leadership?
Mr.Halyk's constant mud slinging.
Comment by BILL FRANKLIN on 9th November 2011
you lost my vote with all the mud slinging
Respect is a two way street
Comment by Danny Nunes on 9th November 2011
“Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you've got to give it.”
― R. G. Risch

Respect is shown when respect is warranted.
Its not enough to simply have a title such as "your worship" or "mayor".

I do not see negativity in Mr Halyks remarks.

What I do see is a man asking questions & doing the proper research into what is happening in council on behalf of the community.

In other words...the man seems to be doing the job he was elected to do.

It speaks more to me that so many incidents of lack of proper protocol and basic planning and implementation can be listed about Mayor Joanne Monaghan & this is not simply an attack. All of these examples can be researched by anyone and have been reported in every form of local media so any claims of bias do not have any merit.

If you choose not to do your own research on these issues you are basically passively accepting the dysfunction you claim to despise.

I can personally respect the accomplishments of the current mayor when she was a councillor.

I cannot accept or ignore a lack of leadership during her term as mayor.

I can respect Jim Thom and his service to the community during his time on council.

Asking questions isnt a crime. wanting accountablity and input and information also isnt a crime. Its part of the job.

Expressing your ideas
Comment by David on 9th November 2011
I like how you are sharing your ideas. This is giving me a better idea of how you would like to approach the issues. I think the focus on also slinging mud at our current mayor does cause me concern for how you hope to engage with your fellow councillors. You will have to listen and work with them. You have a few weeks to show how you can also listen and engage with your fellow councillors. Show you can listen as well as lead and you can have my vote.
Mayoral Candidate Halyk
Comment by Scott on 9th November 2011
"Any credit for KLNG, BCLNG, Shell, must be given to former Mayor Wazney’s council and the District of Kitimat Economic Promotion & Investor Services "

Mayor Monaghan was part of that council, and as such one might assume had some input.
Councillor Halyk, the constant "I have" is becoming tiresome.
While no doubt and impressive resume during your short time in this community, It might behoove you to show some respect for those before you.
My two bits
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 9th November 2011
I certainly wouldn't want anyone with your disrespect and arrogance representing our wonderful community on any level Councillor Halyk.Keep up the good work Mayor Monaghan.
Is She A Liar?
Comment by Kitimatian- Sean O'Driscoll on 9th November 2011
Randy, the citizens of Kitimat deserve to know more about the contract with the former CAO and the provisions regarding severence payments; dirty laundry can't be kept "in camera/secret" forever. Jim Thom is correct - 2 years' pay plus benefits is likely close to $400k, not ONLY $250k, as the Mayor puts it (I believe Mr. Thom made these remarks in response to mayoral question #1, but can't quite remember and the Kitimat Daily curiously fails to mention the topic even being raised).
So, did Mayor Monaghan lie to the people of Kitimat by saying there were contractual provisions obligating the exorbitant payout and that fialure to do so would have resulted in Mr. Hall suing the City? Or is there truth to what she said? Or just as bad, if there was no legal obligation to give $400k of OUR TAXDOLLARS to Mr. Hall as a parting gift, then why on Earth did Council agree to it!?!
Any way you slice it, this is an outrage - a contract to agree to two years' severence in the first place, a payout if one wasn't required, or the possibility of the Mayor lying to our faces.
This squandering of taxpayer dollars is borderline fraudulent - the people of Kitimat deserve to know who was in favor and who wasn't - instead of lying, will one of our elected officials ever tell the truth?

Is this positive change?
Comment by Not so sure now on 9th November 2011
As a voter in this community you had my vote for Mayor a few weeks ago, but now I am not so sure. The constant mudslinging and negativity that you are now continuing to voice is actually causing me to rethink my vote.
We have enough negativity now. Are you going to berate your fellow counselors as you are doing now? I don't see you as being a positive change and a few weeks ago I did.
To get my vote, focus on what you can bring that is positive to the community. I think your campaign is turning into one that can start turning a lot of people off.
Maybe you need to rethink this latest campaign strategy.
Is this the respect you show our Mayors?
Comment by Ted on 9th November 2011
You repeatedly mentioned our Mayor in your article as "Monaghan". It should be "Mayor Monaghan". This is what she is and deserves to be addressed as such.
And by the way, Our past Mayor was Rick "Wozney" not "Wazney".
Remember what you all said at the forum in regards to what's crucial for a functioning council.... "Respect, respect, respect". Where is yours?
dandy randy
Comment by james richards on 9th November 2011
nice to see mrs. halyk submitting more materiel for you guys. perhaps you should hire her, she is quite entertaining.

An email exchange after requesting identity;

James Wrote;
first of all . let us establish the fact, you are a left wing blog, not a news service, unless you consider randy halyk's political diatribes, leading edge news. secondly, i could care less if you print anything i send you. knowing you will delete anything that may be contrary to your own agenda, i'm quite comfortable just taking pokes at you. certanly your concept of integrity and mine, are world's apart

And We Replied

Thank you for your insight.

As we report extensively on many issues and as even the Premier, finance ministers and other cabinet ministers (education, forests etc) call us for direct interviews along with municipal and regional politicians and business leaders, we will take your comment "not a news service" with a grain of salt.

You may call us what ever you wish. In Terrace the right wing (the harshest issuers of venom) like to refer to us as the Terrace Trash. We kind of like that one.

We publish more BC Conservative Party News releases than we do NDP and we publish more Conservative news releases than any other media around here publishes. Therefore we wil take you "left wing" comment with another grain of salt.

We have opened up our pages equally to all candidates and never restrict or censor anyone unless there is profanity.

I guess this means we will take you other comment "you will delete anything that may be contrary to your own agenda" and make our food even more salty.

Thanks for your attention to the most up to date and active news service in the Northwest.

If you feel commentaries shouldn't be part of news, then we can safely assume your same thoughts applies to all of Black Press publications too? Have you read Tom Fletchers regular commentaries?

Some like to combine the new word "Blog" and the old word "News" and make a new word "Blews" An interesting idea for the changing world of media.

You might take the time to reconsider your animosity. We do not favour one political opinion over any other. We simply provide the opportunity for all political views to be expressed. Sometimes the extreme right wants to see all dissention suppressed. We won't do that for them or anyone.

Thanks again