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REPORTING · 8th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
The third question came from Virgil Vales, he stated no Councillor or Mayor has sat down with the workers. He asked, if elected, what they would do to establish a relationship with the employees.

Mario Feldhoff said there was a protocol for exchanging viewpoints but they have not followed through in recent years. They make financial decisions, people get upset up for $15,000 on a ski hill but they do not about $600,000 for a new fire truck when $200,000 could have refurbished the old truck for another ten years. They need to get input from employees.

Mary Murphy said they succeed when hey involve and ask for input. Things need to be implemented as soon as possible.

John Pacheco said he took his kids to the District Yard through the Beavers Program. He learned a lot from the District employees. Communications between employees and management is the key.

Edwin Empinado said in bargaining, there is dialogue. It is about the benefit and where they could give it so there should be communication between the union and management. If they do not agree with each other, there is an arbitrator. It is about talking and understanding so they could co exist.

Joshua Callahan administration is where they are because they are experts in the field. They do the job they should be consulting with administration, they should talk to the people who are on the job.

Corrine Scott said she has always believed they should ask the frontline people for their input. Council’s role is to set policy but they only have the right to converse with the Chief Administrative Officer. She would like to meet with all three parties. However, it is difficult because council is not to be involved with employees and administration issues.

Jack Riddle said he has worked in the city yards and he can not understand why a dialogue can go back and forth. He wants to communicate and get a dialogue go back and forth.

Joe Salema said communication from both sides is important. They need to talk about certain issues. Snow clearing is one of the top issues.

Phil Germuth said they need to engage in dialogue to give the community the best services they could.

Rob Goffinet said this is an issue on Council for three years. They have a letter. They have responded to meet with the union in the past. Goffinet wanted to know who would meet with the union and Council was the stumbling block and they never got any further. They can meet once or twice with the union a year. He understood they are in collective bargaining right now with the District.

Bob Corless stated the Council is not going to be the bad guy, there have been semantics in the past where Council has tried to meet but they did not want administration. He sees them out and about in the field and he would meet with any time. He did not know if it was the former administrator or what it was.

Carl Whicher suggested asking the employees on how they could lower costs and maintain services. He wanted to see Council act more like a board of directors.

Runners Up: Goffinet, Whicher
employee input
Comment by mary murphy on 9th November 2011
Thanks for that Virgil...we know that in order to be cost effective and successful, involvement from its employees “the people who actually do the jobs” is priority, and when they are not involved - something else going on. Sorry that no one has implemented this process, but i will not sit around and believe i am only on council to make and enforce bylaws....
Comment by VIRGIL VALES on 8th November 2011
On behalf of myself and the members of the Kitimat Municipal Workers, I am grateful for the support from Mary Murphy on having input from employees on Municipal operations.
question #3
Comment by mary murphy on 8th November 2011
Thanks Walter, i said"we are sucessful when involve, ask for input, make decessions based on the input and if involvement from the employees was not happening, then it needs to be implemented right away