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REPORTING · 7th November 2011
Northern Gateway Pipelines Inc
As outlined in section 8.4 of the Hearing Order, the 6 October 2011 deadline to register for the community hearings has passed.

The Joint Review Panel (Panel) has determined that due to the large number of registrants, it will be visiting some communities more than once to allow all who have registered an opportunity to address the Panel.

The Panel will hear oral evidence from registered Intervene-rs first so that the information request process can proceed according to the schedule. The Panel will then focus on hearing the oral statements of other participants.

The Panel will hear oral evidence at the following locations:
• Bella Bella, BC
• Grand Prairie, AB
• Prince George, BC
• Bella Coola, BC
• Hartley Bay, BC
• Prince Rupert, BC
• Bums Lake, BC
• Kitimat,BC
• Queen Charlotte City, BC
• Courtenay, BC
• Kitkatla, BC
• Smithers, BC
• Edmonton, AB
• Klemtu, BC
• Terrace, BC
• Fort St. James, BC
• Masset, BC

The Panel will return to the above communities, as well as adding the following locations, to hear from those who have registered to give oral statements:

• Calgary, AB
• Kelowna, BC
• Vancouver, BC
• Hazelton, BC
• Port Hardy, BC
• Victoria, BC

The community hearings will begin in Kitimat on 10 January 2012. Dates, times and venues for each location will be announced at a later date.

Those who have registered to participate in the community hearings will be contacted to finalize arrangements for their participation.
Apocalypse Now
Comment by Linda on 10th November 2011
I don't know your name, but one day I would like to meet you and shake your hand. It was sad we lost Eurocan, but I don't miss the smell, to replace it with oil? Like you I will also be a NIMBY.Below is a pretty powerful statement.

Robert Bateman - Not a Pretty Picture
Sign the petition at
Refinery .Not a chance.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 9th November 2011
The trees from Alcan all the way down the valley have started growing back.After being born here and having to see the trees dying from all the pollution Alcan spewed for years,it is a beautiful sight to see that we have green trees on the mountain side instead of withered twigs. We have come along way and have a long way to go before RTA builds their new smelter and reduces emissions even further. This is a wonderful thing. So why after getting rid of tons of cancer causing emissions would you want to replace them with a refinery that spews out tons more ?I personally don't want the smell of oil hanging over the town like Fort Mac . Lets concentrate on other types of well paying jobs like a port another smelter ,either copper ,aluminum or steel.Some secondary industry to use what RTA produces maybe.But your right Carlos when it comes to oil refineries I am a NIMBY.
Nimby(Not In My Backyard)
Comment by Carlosroberto on 9th November 2011
Shake your head "why". If a refinery were proposed for Kitimat the same nimbys that are presently agitating against Enbridge would lead the charge against it.

As for voting NDP, take a good hard look at Saskatchewan first. Once they got rid of the anti industry NDP, the province is booming.

The BC NDP is the same gang that milked us under Glen Clarke, and is under the control of Jim Sinclair and the BC Fed. Proof? Who pays Mo Sihota's salary as head of the NDP?
Comment by why on 8th November 2011
why are we sending oil to other countries.
why not refine it up north and then ship it.
why not create all the jobs here.
WHY because a few rich tycoons want it done
through there refineries and the governments
involed are in bed with them.
They would rather ruin the enviroment than
do whats right.
this pipe line is going to go through no mater
what forums are set up.
so much for the proccess
next election ill vote NDP they have favoured
Comment by Linda on 8th November 2011
I can't believe we (royal we) are willing to put the whole of BC to risk for a dieing commodity, leave the damn oil in the ground, spend your dollars on finding an alternate fuel source. If Alberta wants the oils sands, then let them refine it, donot transport over my water source and half of Canada's water source.
If they kill BC I may have to go back to my province of birth Saskatchewan. I love the green and the mountains but they ain' t gonna be pretty covered in oil.
right on ric
Comment by al on 7th November 2011
right on Ric,Enbridge is already approved no matter what the people say, money before ethics for sure.
But what Enbridge doesnt understand is that we really care, jobs are a good thing, community taxes are good too,so is bringing new and lasting business to a community that is slowly dieing.
But what really matters is the preservation of an eco-system that took millions of years to establish, maintain ,evolve, adapt and sustain. I am not a religious man or a scientist, but I truly believe a spill, whether on land or by sea, could have a significant effect on the overall demise on Ma Earth, Enbridge would have to have an extreme plan of attack, back up plans and back up back up plans and millions of dollars worth of equipment on the ready and within realistic response time to even sway my vote. progress is good, but we only have one planet, if we screw this one up..............
Comment by Ric le Ruge on 7th November 2011
To quote

"The Panel will hear oral evidence "

But will they listen to our protests, concerns, and fears for the future. Or will they end up just hearing the "allmighty dollar" and industries vague and mostly empty promises. While the whole project is being encouraged by our goverment.

Very concerned Ric