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REPORTING · 7th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Al Smith, wearing a vote Monaghan pin, wanted to know why Americans were being hired before local people were being hired. He wanted to know what Council could do to stop this.

Randy Halyk said this would be a challenge. Bechtel could hire who they please. They did not have any oversight for the hiring of these people. He said they need to be at the table with the industries. Halyk suggested going to Rio Tinto Alcan and ask them to look at hiring more people from the Northwest.

Joanne Monaghan had asked Rio Tinto Alcan about this. They go to Kitimat, then to Terrace, then the Northwest, then the next province and then elsewhere. It turns out Kitimat does not have the qualifications they need. She said they should watch this and might do a little bit, but Council cannot tell people what to do.

Jim Thom said there are a lot of people who are unemployed. However, the jobs require qualified trained people. The labour pool has been drained. They need to get into the schools and colleges and get youth trained up.

load of crap
Comment by richard on 9th November 2011
I`ve been on the union list for 3 and ahalf years.i`ve got 25 yrs` plus in the constrution field,and never got a dispatch to any alcan job in the pass 3 yr`s. so to say they hire local, that`s a load of crap. It`s who you know and blow.drained the local hiring pool,bulshit. there are still over 30 members on the list in kitimat and just as many in terrace. non union company`s getting the work.lot`s from terrace all they have too do is pay the union wages. two faced corp`s playing both sides of the fence.either your for the unions and sigh up or do what Ovaitt`s have done. playing on both sides. these are the company`s stripping awayyour union wages. thank`s to all involed. greed conquer`s,thanks jack, no wonder rio tinto love`s ya.never use to be this way.jack can get it done cheaper. the union company`s can`t compete , squeeky wheel gets the grease . welcome jack