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REPORTING · 7th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
The next question concerned preventing a pipeline spill from destroying the Kitimat River, Kitimat’s only water source.

Joanne Monaghan said they need to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and talk to Enbridge. She said they test the water frequently here. She would not want the water contaminated as it is important.

Jim Thom said he would be opposed to any business which impacted the environment and drinking water is an important resource. He said it rains often but the river does get low in the summer time. He would express to government and Enbridge the water has to be protected first.

Randy Halyk said Enbridge was a concern. He is opposed to it but if it does get through, we would have to protect the hundreds of rivers and streams it passes by. They have to hold Enbridge’s feet to the fire if something did happen but his solution: Not have Enbridge at all.

Water Pollution -Enbridge
Comment by Leon Dumstrey-SooS on 15th November 2011
Interesting comments by our "Politicos" who try to score on " HOT" oil topics thus avoiding(who knows for what reason) issues that should be delt with in the first place. And which is perhaps within their reach.

Reality is that there is no PIPE LINE in the ground,YET!

What is in the ground for a long time: Old and new
Kitimat DUMPS and Cable Car Septic Fields. All of these are located above Citys water INTAKE.

Are you sure that the is NO POLLUTION in our water just because"SOME EXPERT" tells us:
Whose, I wonder?
There is lot of rain here,I am not sure that after so many years ground can filtrate all the CRAP before it reaches Kitimat River and enters our water system.!!
Forgot to ASK.
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 10th November 2011
Madmame Mayor... question(s)...

wouldn't taking the "BULL" by the horns violate council's neutrality on the Enbridge project? Every other statement made on the subject by yourself or council has been to wait for the Environmental assessment done by OTHERS! Not even sure council has intervenor status at the environmental hearings, so how are you going to grab that "BULL"?
Response to the Mayor....
Comment by Thomas Campbell on 8th November 2011
"Empty words that always taste the same"