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CONTRIBUTION · 6th November 2011
Danny Nunes
"You really blew it, Danny. Here you had a chance to sit in on the debate, ask the meaningful, tough questions that everyone else is too chicken-shit or polite to ask"

So I am basically supposed to be the hero for the chicken shits and timid of Kitimat now?

Hereís a little story I am going to say here.

I had several individuals come up to me and ask of me and tell me the same thing....I had nothing to lose by saying what others couldnít and I could make the difference....utter bullshit.

I am not someoneís chess piece or grenade to be used because you dont have enough faith or belief in your stances and who you choose to run for you.

So you want me to expose the hypocrisies and idiocy of your candidates? Okay sure why not...its not like this very site hasnt done it already for the past 3 years and still people are so blind or attached to there ideologies that nothing I say would make an impact but here I go.

I observed that mayoral debate and hereís what I came away with.

It seems the main focus was the dysfunction and who is responsible and who should take the blame...and the crowd thinks its Randy Halyk?

Hereís some logic again for locals: Randy has only been a 1 term councillor for 3 years so of course he will make mistakes.

Joanne Monaghan your current mayor has been in local politics for over 30 years and has chaired or been on every board possible....whatís her excuse for the dysfunction? Being a moron?

Oh but the best part was the revelation that thousands of dollars had to be spent on consultants to tell a woman with 30 years of political experience to use common sense when working with her council...made up of 6 other people...half of whom are still in there first term in office.

So does this mean your current mayor basically announced she lacks common sense and has learned nothing after 30 years in politics....sure sounds like it.

And yet they boo over Shames Mountain? Wow really?

Jim Thom...did very well to my surprise.
Funny thing about Jim Thom: He failed to be re elected to council in 2002 and then ran his local businesses...liquor outlets...during the worst decade in Kitimat history. During a time like that where people are depressed and turn to drinking isnít that like winning the lottery for a liquor salesman?

I wonder why the wolverine issue in Kitimat was never brought up even once. Just before the election Monaghan was on a campaign of fear telling locals and the national media that Kitimat was in danger from potential attacks and a child would likely be attacked. Nothing ever came of her fear mongering. I guess she only gives a crap about local kids when it suits her needs before a re election campaign.

And finally what good does it do to be on stage to address a crowd of people who already had there minds made up even before the event. This is a popularity contest and nothing more.

The real undecided voters were the ones watching the event on channel 10 and from what I understand there was no audio during most of it so what was I going to do up there....mime my thoughts to the viewers? Are they allowed to show me displaying my middle finger as a reply?

So thatís it....I hear more and more from people lately that I am apparently smart, well versed in the local issues and can speak to them so then if more of you know this then what more do you want?

I did the smart thing by standing in the back not saying a word and letting the town show me themselves what they really want.

I am still here, and I am still willing to talk to whomever and be part of what this town really needs for a future.

But never ask me to fight your battles for you when you know damn well you need to do that yourselves. You are the just need the right leader...and its not me...not yet anyway.

And another thing!

You all do have some great candidates you could seek out, talk to and leave comments for and you

Jesus Christ people start leaving some comments for these other candidates as well....its not that I am scared off...quite the contrary. I feel bad that some of these great community members with optimism and ideas for Kitimat donít hear enough from the electorate.

And for the love of god shut up for a few minutes on Enbridge and Shames Mountain. You realize that education and healthcare are usually the two most important issues in any elections...not your personality clashes with others in office right?
I have nothing left to say
Comment by Danny Nunes on 9th November 2011
Allan, Keven, Doug...and anyone else who wants to chime in...I truly have nothing else to say in regards to the election.

I knew going in what my chances were, what I wanted to accomplish and what I wanted to say and I feel I have done that.

I dont expect everyone to agree or support me but I have said my peace & now its up to all of you.

I've been honest here, straightforward and now I leave it in the communities hands to decide what direction they want to to take on the 19th.

This site has been the news sources now for this community for awhile & its up to you to weigh all the facts and decide what you want.

If you want to play it safe & comfortable then by all means ....elect Joanne Monaghan.

If you want to take a chance on someone who
I believe is the only person actually doing their job and thats asking some important questions then elect Randy Halyk.

Jim Thom did well at the debate and maybe you think he is the right alternative to what you see as dysfunction on council and hes free of that conflict. can choose me.

Whatever you all decide I will respect and abide by as this is a democracy and the will of the people must be heard.

Danny ...!!
Comment by Allan Hewitson on 9th November 2011
You announced you were running for Mayor doing so says you wanted to represent those who might vote for you and you would acquire the remainder of the taxpayers as 'dependent' upon you if elected. Really, that's how it works. All of this while you say - "I don't want anyone to vote for me." A little confusing - don't you think? More so - a waste of people's time if you're just playing a private joke...that results in people encouraging you.

You then change your mind because the community might want you to "actually represent" them ...and you have no wish to do that. Sitting in on an all candidates forum has exposed some candidates' lack of credibility in the past.

Above is likely a useful basis for a new comedy sketch...
Comment by Danny Nunes on 9th November 2011
Okay to start this off, Keven I have already stated several times in this election to not vote for Danny so by telling me you wont vote for me...well that just accomplishes what I wanted.

I dont get what I have done to change anything you think of me at all.

Have I not stayed true to not being the status quo?

When have I not in fact stood up and been a voice or made my pitch to rally the community as I have done with some of my recent writings on this site.

You mention my supporters and how they are not timid or chickenshit and I have to ask...who are my supporters? I cant tell because they are apparently too chickenshit and timid to tell me when it matters from what I see. They only want to whisper it to me but never too loudly cause god forbid someone might actually hear them and we cant have that could we?

If my true supporters really wanted to prove to me they wanted me to lead they should have formed a united front and stood with me and came to me in force and I would have gladly taken that as a sign that you believed in a new era and I would have known you wanted something new...but no....more of the same old crap....lets just make Danny the next Trafford Hall....a sacrificial lamb we can use when our own fears and failures overwhelm us and we can pass the buck again.

I never once said you dont have a right to voice an opinion on enbridge or shames mountain....I simply wanted to also shine the light on some very important issues left in the dust because plenty has been said already in regards to shames and enbridge...period.

There is nothing you can say or ask that I wont respond to honestly because I have nothing to lose.

I am not seeking re election, I am not someone looking to progress in there political career....I am just me....someone who for some crazy reason keeps coming back for more when any sane person would have just said enough is enough.

I've said it before and I will say it here again...I am not ready to be the leader this town needs at this time in its history & you should not vote for me.

My candidacy serves a different purpose. Its to open a window into the future and give me the learning experience and preparation to do this the right way one day.

I feel based on the feedback I have gotten from speaking with people in the community and letting them see the side of me I dont normally reveal that I have opened some eyes already and have gotten some ideas out there...ones I hope are listened to and implemented by a new mayor and council.

But no matter how this all ends up, I have great creative and artistic endeavors waiting for me I plan to pursue and will do so here in Kitimat and I will remain open and willing to talk with and help out wherever I can no matter if its someone who loves me or someone who thinks I'm an asshole.

Okay Doug
Comment by Danny Nunes on 9th November 2011
Doug: there is no hypocrisy. no idealism, and no effort on my part to represent some image you think I should represent.

You claim I dont do any work on behalf of this community and you do.

Doug you said if yourself that you havent even been in this town for a very long period of time. You and I have never met once, and you sound foolish with your claims about me as there are many in this community who will tell you to your face that when this town needs someone to stand up for it....I do.

When this town was attacked by a reporter from the canadian free press and made to look like a horrible place to was me and my friends who went out and made our own video report to defend and support Kitimat.

I have taken many local youth under my wing and given them volunteer and work experience through the many media projects I undertake here and these kids have gone on to be upstanding members of society both in this community and elsewhere.

I spent countless hours behind a video camera helping to broadcast this communities telethon which in turn helps raise money for many worthwhile community organizations.

This very site your using to ahem...critique me...guess what pal, I helped co found it!

This site has done so much to benefit and provide this community with news. support, and opportunity. Its one of the lasting legacies created because people like me saw that a new voice was needed here and online news was the future and this community knows it.

Keeping score yet Doug?

I represent the real future of this community. I like many others are in fact tired of the antiquated views you and your groups share.

You have not been able to prove anything I have said or wrote is wrong...on the contrary, I think you gave the words even more validity.

Believe me I have trust in this town and the people to make the right decision come election day on the 19th.

But hey feel free to keep wasting your energy on someone like me who is asking the electorate to in fact not vote for me!

I already achieved the goals I set out for myself in the election & nothing you could ever say or do will change that.

In conclusion...Do you like waffles Doug?
Oh please Danny, enough of the preaching
Comment by Doug Read on 9th November 2011
I find your endless sniping from the cover of this site really insulting. It's so easy to sit there and criticise individuals and seemingly most of Kitmat about their failures. Have I missed something or have I missed your list of brilliant ideas?

No I didn't think so. Of course lowering yourself to everyday issues would mean coming off your teenage mountain top. Hey I noticed your rather prickly response to a little criticism, careful, do I smell a little hypocracy here?

I am relatively new to this town, 30 months worth, but I have been delighted by the people I have met and the great work they do for the community. And did I see you involved in any charity or community work....errrr no. Oh perhaps all the brilliant people I work with on groups like the Hospital Foundation, the Snowflake Society and Retire to Kitimat are part of the 'evil' 1%?

What was that 1% rant all about, did it solve any issues here? No. Is it helpful in making Kitimat a better place? No. Just who are the 1% here in Kitimat? You want to go and occupy somewhere? Well good luck, the everyday needs of our residents will still be here when you get back. Yes in case you hadn't noticed the world is sometimes a nasty and unfair place. Welcome! Oh sorry I remember you don't support the 'occupy' movement. So what is the next step in the revolution?

The real world is full of weaknesses and compromises, of course our elected officials are not perfect and we all have our own strong opinions. From personal experience I find the members of the Council care very much about the future of this town. They may have different ideas and opinions but sxxt that's democracy.

The grown up among us do our best to help the town and it's residents in practical ways and actions.

So, get a real life, get involved in something that truly helps others (always need volunteers on the Foundation work?) and quit calling people morons until you've looked in the mirror.

Hey but I'm only someone who worked 25 years as a Director of major communication companies and newspapers. I'm sure you can fire some major criticism my way.

You want something better for Kitimat, well come and get your idealistic hands dirty.
Comment by Keven on 8th November 2011
I was under the impression that when you put your name up for mayor you were serious. I thought here is someone I could vote for. Someone who isnt into the status quo even if I dont agree with some of your stances on certain things. And isnt that what politics is all about someone stands up and is a voice for certain things and everyone who is of like mind ralleys around them? Now I see this and I am sad to see the bullshit coming from you Danny Nunes. Why even put your name forward? Was it all a joke to you? I am in no way timid or a chickenshit as you call your supporters. And doesnt a person have a RIGHT to say what they want about shames and endbridge? Yes health care and education are important but the issues facing kitimat are those 4 things. Freedom of speech is most important yet you would have others not say what they want and shut up because you belittle what they strongly believe in. MAsk came off Danny. I wont vote for you
No problem Danny
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 8th November 2011
Like i said previously I think you are Ok,and I wish you luck in whatever you do.Remember one thing,keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Comment by Danny Nunes on 8th November 2011
You wanted my thoughts on the animal shelter and the money spent and here they are.

Its no secret that the current mayor loves animals
and its no secret the community was in desperate need of a new shelter.

When you have a deep love for something you sometimes find yourself not willing to be objective or look at all the facts involved and might become defensive when questioned & I feel that might have been the case with the money that went into the shelter.

I saw no reason why expenses shouldnt have been looked at more closely or had a chance to ask more questions about how money was spent because the job of an elected official is to be accountable to all and not allow personal feelings to possibly cloud the decision making process. I am not saying that this was the sole cause in regards to the money put into the shelter but I know some in the community may feel that objectivity may not have played enough of a role in the decisions made.

Then again....cost overruns are a reality with any major construction project you may undertake.

I know there were many cost overruns with the renovation of the pool at tamitik and sometimes these costs are unavoidable because unforeseen things can and do occur.
R.E Dear Danny
Comment by Danny Nunes on 8th November 2011
My intentions for running are as follows:

I am not running to win because I dont feel I am worthy at this time to assume such an important role nor do I think I deserve it at such a crucial point in the communities history. To elect me would be done out of anger and emotion to punish one side of the political spectrum or the other and that is a foolish idea.

I wanted to show people that you do not need to be of a certain look or of a certain background to run for office and that maybe some people might see me putting myself out there and find encouragement from it to maybe run for office themselves one day.

I also wanted to get my first feel for a run at a political office and see what I could expect and get some ideas out there and meet with locals & show them another side to me they may not have realized was there because quite frankly I wasnt willing to show it until now because I will be honest...sometimes this town sees you one way and as one thing forever & maybe I had lost hope that I would ever change that.

But I can say that this campaign has been a personal success for me already whether I win or place dead last.

I've met with many people. They have gotten to see past the jokester and the comedian and see that I have blended the serious and the comedic personality well and it works for me.

Its a good time in my life where I have found success both personally and also creatively & thats made me more relaxed, more patient and makes life a heck of a lot more thrilling and a new challenge each day...wasnt always like that for me and I am enjoying it now.

whatever quips or remarks I make are for the most part light hearted and fun and I hold absolutley no anger or grudges with anyone running...well almost all.

I cant just pretend I support the current mayor or her leadership but thats not for me to decide...thats for the people of Kitimat to determine for themselves.

I will say that there was a time I did respect and admire her....maybe some of that person still exists but its up to her find that person again.

Think of me what you want. I have been through plenty already in my life and I have no real fears because I have come through the worst and came away better than I was.

I can be a leader one day if you'll let me when the time is right.
Rex Murphy Mask
Comment by Louise on 7th November 2011
I like Andy Kaufman. Too bad the good die young. Anyhow...I enjoy your refreshing point of view and candidness. I'd like to hear your comments on the money spent on the animal shelter, the Mayor's pet project.
Dear Danny
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 7th November 2011
Danny ,when you put your name forward ,I thought to my self ,Hmmmm whats he doing getting involved in the Mayoralty race for. Then as time went along you came across with some very good points and i thought wow Danny is not just about being a jokester. I admire a person who can be serious but has a lighter side to them . I must say though that now that you have proven you were not serious about running and wanted to shed light on what you thought were mayor and councils short comings ,there is no need to ridicule the rest of the candidates with the little quips in the comments section below their story. I agree that people should fight their own battles but you made it seem like you were willing to lend a helping hand.Some people are leaders and some are followers ,so you have to decide which suits you best. You ran for mayor which would be considered the leader category. You at least should have had the decency to show up and state your case. PS. your alright though and I hope this isn't a publicity stunt to make yourself famous.
Rex Murphy Mask
Comment by Danny Nunes on 7th November 2011
Trust me all those people on stage were wearing a mask of sorts.

If anything I should wear an Andy Kaufman mask & show people where my true inspiration comes from.
Curious about candidacy.
Comment by Jay on 7th November 2011
Now correct me if I am wrong here, but I thought you could not run for political office if you had an upcoming court date, which our mayor does. Also, during the debate, Mayor Monaghan talked about an in camera meeting involving paying off someone around $250,000. Now I know people on counsel are not allowed to talk about these meetings at all, which is why Randy said he couldn't do it. Again, correct me if I am wrong here but with these violations, should she even be allowed to run for office?
Hey Danny
Comment by Darcy Metz on 7th November 2011
What would be funnier than you showing up at another debate with a Rex Murphy mask. Although I'm sure those are not readily available.
Excellent piece
Comment by susan on 6th November 2011
Thanks Danny, that was a very well written piece. It is easier for people to want someone else to voice their opinion, that way they do not have to deal with the consequence. And thanks for the shut up on Enbridge & Shames Mountain, can we not make this more than a 1 issue campaign?