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REPORTING · 6th November 2011
Joshua Callahan
As part of my campaign, I have said that I would like to define a VISION for Kitimat, what we can be and what we should be working towards as a community. My question to all readers is

"Where do you want Kitimat to be in 10 years?"

I will be using your feedback to compile what I will be working towards when elected to council.

I look forward to reading what the community wants for our future.

Thank you,

- Joshua Callahan
what I want
Comment by Keven on 12th November 2011
your right what I want to see is a plan for Kitimat. Not some hinky court case against the major employer in town. Not some fear mongering about a family of wolverines. Not some debate about money allready spent on a skihill. I want to see a real plan not some promises as to what people think they want to see. Leadership is what I want to see. And the candidates who show leadership and not backstabbing are the ones that I will vote for.
Reply to Keven
Comment by Joshua Callahan on 8th November 2011
Keven, I appreciate that you have pointed out more issues then just Enbridge. More specifically, I appreciate the issues that you wrote in regards to foresight. Correct me if I am wrong, but what I am reading is that you want to see a plan and see it followed. Keep it transparent and don't waiver. There are many issues facing our community, we definitely need a road map to follow. I invite you to join me on facebook where I am posting more feedback from the community. I will be compiling all the feedback I get from residents to form what I believe Kitimat is asking for.
what will define us
Comment by Keven on 8th November 2011
I believe that the community is not looking far enough forward. What will happen after the influx of contractors is gone? when Rio TInto is up to full production with less workers? When the Channel has tanker traffic coming up it. (yes even for lng) how about our aging population? what if we do become a retirement community? how will our hospital handle the extra people? our infastructure is aging also, the list goes on and on. I really would like to see a politician,ANY politician deal with these issues. none of the super projects that are slated to come here are a foregone conclusion. It kind of reminds me of those politicians that keep telling the Kitamaat villiage they are going to make the road out there safer yet here we are in 2011 and it is still the same road. know what I want in ten years? A politician who tells the truth
Nuff said
even more cowbell
Comment by Darcy Metz on 7th November 2011
"i put on my pants one leg at a time, but when I do I make gold records." - The Walken Dead
What do we want?
Comment by Danny Nunes on 6th November 2011
More Cowbell!