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COMMENTARY · 6th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
One of the four chairs at the Mayoral portion of the election forum sat empty. Danny Nunes, who is running for Mayor chose not to participate in the debate. However, the Chamber of Commerce still set a place for him, complete with water and microphone.

As the spot closest to the moderator, he would have been able to introduce himself first, which is why this article, is in the place it is.

While Nunes chose not to participate in the forum, he was in attendance in the back of the room, wearing a Guy Fawkes costume.

As many of you are most likely aware, Fawkes was an individual, who went to the parliament buildings in London on the fifth of November, 1605 with gunpowder and a match plotting to blow it up. The infamous Gunpowder plot is remembered every fifth of November in England.

However, more recently, the Fawkes costume was worn by “Codename V,” a character in Alan Moore’s graphic novel, V for Vendetta. In this novel, set in a futuristic Great Britain, “V” plots to steer the country away from a cruel dictatorship, without the long, violent revolution which accompanies such a change in policy.

Make of it what you will, at least once, Nunes silence during the debate provided a stronger answer then what the community received from the people at the table.
You Missed a Great Opportunity, Danny
Comment by Chris on 6th November 2011
You really blew it, Danny. Here you had a chance to sit in on the debate, ask the meaningful, tough questions that everyone else is too chicken-shit or polite to ask. You had an excellent chance to expose the hypocrisy of some of the mayoralty candidates and you declined. No one else had such a great chance to really question those who are running for mayor. Why did you evade your responsibility? Instead of becoming a meaningfu, thoughful participant in the democratic process, which I know you could do, you chose to instead indulge in a senseless, empty gesture. A
On behalf of all the voters in Kitimat, I am truly sorry that you missed the opportunity to shine some light on the sometimes murky world of municipal politics.