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REPORTING · 19th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
UPDATED November 18th

The Mount Elizabeth Theatre was packed full of people for the All Candidates Debate on Thursday, November 3rd. Twelve Candidates for Councillor and three Mayoral went head to head on the issues most important to the people of Kitimat.

The forum lasted four hours, from 7:00 in the evening until 11:00 at night

We will be piecing this forum together over the next week, posting articles about the introductions of the candidates followed by articles on the questions asked by the public and the candidate’s response which will be linked to below.

Councillor Candidates


Rob Goffinet

Joe Salema

Carl Whicher

Corrine Scott

Edwin Empinado

Mary Murphy

Mario Feldhoff

Phil Germuth

John Pacheco

Jack Riddle

Joshua Callahan

Bob Corless

Audience Questions

What can you do to keep MK Bay Marina Public?

Enbridge: Yes or no (part 1)?

Should Council communicate with their employees?

Enbridge: Yes or No (part 2)?

Enbridge: Yes or No (part 3)?

How do you Attract Businesses to Kitimat?

How to Get Rid of Dysfunction!

Enbridge: Yes or No (part 4)?

Encouraging Recycling

What became of those consultant reports?

How to bring tax revenue to Kitimat?

What are the social risks with big business?

Mayoral Candidates


The Empty Seat

Randy Halyk

Joanne Monaghan

Jim Thom

Audience Questions

What did you bring to our leaders?

Will you pay so patients can travel to Vancouver to see a doctor?

How do you stop Enbridge from destroying Kitimat's Water?

How could you cut two RCMP positions?

Why are American's being hired before Canadians?

Should the Mayor follow Council proceedure?

Should the city have spent the money to get rid of Hall?

What is Kitimat's most significant problem?

What have you done to attract more businesses and industry?

Would you support an office for the Auditor General?

What about camping at the riverbank?

How would you improve to avoid dysfunction?

How would you change the Council Venue

Local spending maybe?


Yah, there is an editorial
You are all the problem.
Comment by Janice Robinson on 18th November 2011
All people standing for Kitimat's election should have completed Grade twelve, physically attended a Canadian university to learn that when you negotiate with us Indians that you are also dealing with BOTH the French and the English. No treaties are in play in Kitimat. The city of Kitimat lives on the backs of every Indian in the north, and we have all paid dearly so that you can all argue here about where to get your money from next. Much of our economy was based on that Grease Trail. Haisla grease is the best in the world! They need oolichans. Do you see my last name? The internet gave us freedom, and Kitimat town council has a helicopter in the room. Change your town's name. That name has already been taken by my relations down the road from you. Kitamaat, Haisla nation. Joanne Monaghan wears a crest. Who's crest? Not mine. You people could at least give the Haisla Nation a quick mention during your elections. Without them, Alcan Town would be a ghost town.

As soon as you are all elected, go en masse to obtain Canadian accreditation as real estate salespeople. Your council screwed up the whole north, and Enbridge is comfy in your loving arms. Terrace is still better than "Kitimat."
Yes I am voting for Randy Halyk a few reasons why
Comment by Linda Campbell on 17th November 2011
When we speak so that others listen we should choose our words wisley.
Sometimes this is very hard to do, why because of the frustration that we feel when time after time the rules change for the benefit of one and not all. Have we really considered some of the questions and motions that have come across the desk of council over the past 3 years. Well lets see Councillor Halyk opposed Councillor Feldhoff's motion giving Shames Mountain $15000.00 There were only 2 opposed Councillor Halyk and Councillor Gottschling! I for one believe these 2 concillors were looking after the best interest of OUR COMMUNITY on this motion! One person put his name forward for Council why because of spending our taxpayer dollars out of Kitimat.
HHHMMMM looking after our money in our town is what their ELECTED to do isnt it? Allowing us to come and ask questions at council mtgs is a Democratic right in other communities, however no longer in ours this changed 3 years ago, so I asked this question to Councillor Halyk and his answer was not only will this change he will also have at least 1 mtg per year as a Town hall so all taxpayers including those who dont have channel 10, will be aware of the plans for our community over the next 3 years. I also brought up the meeting with the C.O. (conservation officer ) that was invited to speak on the Bear Aware Program in our community ( I happened to be at the meeting because of the Peace Presentation) I was not only appalled that this Officer was verbally abused by frusterated members of the community but that the Mayor allowed it to continue, even when the Mayor was asked to stop the show she ignored the requests, Councillor Halyk, Scott, and Gottschling, all asked for it to end and the Mayors reply was that this was acceptable. WHATTTTTT I was an elected official for 15 years and NEVER would it be acceptable for someone from the audience to turn and face another member or invited speaker and speak in such a way as it happened that day.
At some point all of council should have to answer the question why did they choose not to impliment the reports on the dysfunction of all of Council? Hoping for it to go away is not in my openion the way to run a community(or spend tax payer dollars) How has it worked out so far? By doing this they allowed the dysfunction to continue and thru 2 councillors to the wolves. While the true dysfunction of all was being ignored. Sacrificing 2 for the mistakes of all is in my openion tragic for our comunity. Each of us is accountable for our words and actions and if you have asked the questions of those running for election then you have the right to speak what you have learned however if you have only listened to other's and their opinion then just maybe you need to do your homework and ask the hard questions of all. Reputations have been ruined because of the lies of others who think that they speak the truth! I am not afraid to say that I am voting for Randy Halyk, why because every question I personally asked him was answered in a way that I feel will move our community forward
with input and feedback by all concerned citizens and not just a select few.
Comment by Brenda Mitchell on 9th November 2011
I also agree with Ted.Joanne has taken Randy Halyk's ranting and raving about her with dignity and grace which says alot about her character.Mr. Halyk is definitely a big part of the problem and the disfunction in council is something he can credit himself with.His behavior at the last council meeting was disgusting.Keep up the good work Joanne.
TV Cameras Comment
Comment by Louise on 8th November 2011
I agree totally with you Ted. We need the cameras. I also will be voting for Joanne...not because I like what she's done so far as Mayor, but because the other candidates make her look like a million bucks.
RE: TV cameras comment.
Comment by Ted on 8th November 2011
I disagree. I think we need the cameras. If we didn't have them, we wouldn't have seen the councilor (that you mentioned) make a complete fool of himself & proof to everyone that he is the problem NOT the solution for Kitimat.
Joanne, You have nothing to worry about. Just let him keep on rambling on. Everytime he does, I'm sure you get a few more votes.
Re: TV cameras
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 8th November 2011
what do you suggest Roberto ? If not cameras what should they do? Just for the record I have been watching council meetings for years and believe you me they were much more lively back then ,it was actually even more dysfunctional.But it was fun .Watch Jerry Springer and you will see what it was like,lol.
TV cameras
Comment by Carlosroberto on 8th November 2011
I believe that having tv cameras in the Council Chamber is part of the problem with our dysfunctional council.

It allows displays such as occurred last night where a councilor, known for grandstanding for the camera, used a "motion" to indulge in an attack on an opponent in the current election. I wonder who wrote his material?

It is obvious that this councilor has no respect for his fellow council members, and will use any means to attack them and blow his own horn.

This meeting certainly shows who is contributing to the dysfunction.

Comment by Robert R. on 7th November 2011
Re the TV coverage of the Council meetings. I doubt Council has allocated any funds into improving this issue, which implies it's not a priority for them. As with many other things in this community, no progress is being made - it's like we're in the 1970s era. FYI, I asked John Pacheco what he'd do to help resolve this issue. See "Let's not be biased" under Kitimat Daily Question Response - Pacheco.
Comment by Jimmy on 7th November 2011
Jim Thom!! Isn't this the guy who walked into Esso and assaulted the clerk. I remember reading this in the newspaper! Has he addressed this? Can he explain himself?

I think if you are going to run for public then you better explain what has been documented (in the Northern Sentinel) about you in public.

This is a critical position in our community, we need an honest person with public/business common sense.
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 7th November 2011
At the forum ,Mr.Feldoff made some comments about giving business tax breaks to locate in Kitimat. I am not against giving a mom and pop outlet a helping hand but the thought of giving a corporation such as Apache or Enbridge a break to entice them here is ludicrous. These companies are drowning in wealth and they don't need to be given any tax breaks to set up shop. The other concern is you start with one company the RTA will want their share lowered.It is a slippery slope you get on once you start doing this.
Comment by Jim on 5th November 2011
Well wish now that I had attended the all candidates forum but like of a lot of Kitimat
citizens I decided to get mself informed of the issues by watching it on television only to miss most of it due to very poor media braodcasting
. The audio was so poor you could hardly hear the candidates and the last half of the broadcast you would have to be proficient in lip reading to get anything out of it at all. I was very dissapointed with their Mickey Mouse performance.