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REPORTING · 5th November 2011
Walter McFarlane
Mary Murphy was the sixth candidate to introduce herself.

ĒKitimatís in the spotlight with Alcan Modernization, the LNG project, increase in small businesses and promises of other economic development creating sustainable employment. The community needs to focus on support for these projects going forward maintaining an open, positive public image,Ē said Murphy.

She stated the community needs to work together. They need the environmental needs addressed and work on health and safety issues. They need to work on common ground in Council and with other governments including provincial and Haisla. She said the common ground was Kitimat.

Murphy listed some projects she would like to see in the community including waterfront access, the port, a new fire hall, Raddley park maintenance, the west side road and a new Municipal Office.

She stated she would work hard to bring about Kitimatís wish list and create a plan and steps to succeed.
my opening statement
Comment by mary murphy on 18th November 2011
Kitimat is in the spotlight, with the Alcan modernization, the LNG project, increase in small businesses, and promises of other economic development, promises of Creating sustainable employment.
The community needs to focus on support for the projects going forward, maintain an open positive public image.
Some will view this as conforming to the corporate mind set, but in order to be successful we need to work well together, and have a combined interest. Industries, as all businesses, need to be financial stable, and we need our environmental issues address, social responsibilities, and in particular health and safety issues.
We need a common ground with all levels of government, first Nations, industries, development projects, communities, but most important with each member of council.
I look forward to working and prioritizing Kitimatís wish list, west side road development, governmental responsible for haisla blvd.
Waterfront access, seeking THE Kitimat port, Radley park maintenance. New municipal office, new firewall, expediting improvements in health and welfare.
We need a council which makes good choices regarding our community, and represent the community to their fullest. I Look forward to being part of the new council creating a clear vision, prioritizing Kitimatís wish list, establishing goals, identifies roadblocks, implementing an aggressive plan to overcome them, and jointly, establish steps to succeed. FOR all in KITIMAT.