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REPORTING · 2nd November 2011
Walter McFarlane
The Northern Lights Wildlife Society is looking for help in obtaining money through the Aviva Community Fund.

“In the past 7 days 2 cubs from Kitimat whose mothers have been killed and they would never had made it through the winter have been transported to this wonderful facility and will now have a great chance at a second life. This Society helps out all across the region and has helped the wild animals in our community on numerous occasions,” wrote Renee Burnett on November 1st.

The Aviva Community fund makes up to $1,000,000 available to create positive change in communities. Vote for it here:

Northern Lights Wildlife Society both rehabilitates and educates


Overview & History:

NLWS Mission Statement: To assist and support wildlife by providing shelter and care for injured and/or orphaned wildlife, rehabilitating such wildlife, providing public education and collecting and publishing research data.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society (NLWS) in Smithers, BC is volunteer-dependent and has a very good reputation in rescuing wild animals since 1990. NLWS is rehabbing animals from all over BC and offers a number of benefits to the communities which depend on their services. Most "inhabitants" are large: moose, deer, bears, etc. and housing and caring for such large mammals is very expensive. Orphaned bear cubs need a secure and suitable environment to mature to an age where they may support themselves out in the wild. NLWS has rehabbed over 210 bears including black bears, kermode (or spirit) bears and grizzlies. The demand on their services has risen dramatically in the past few years, a direct result of their success and continues dedication to the cause. Last year the shelter experienced its highest numbers yet with 45 cubs entrusted in their care. As a result NLWS is in desperate need of expanding their existing facilities to enable them to accept the animals in need.

Community Impact:

Community benefits include, but are not limited to: Animal welfare; by rescuing injured and or orphaned juvenile wildlife in need, Education; by continuously working with the public to enhance their knowledge of our local wildlife and offer advice on peaceful coexistence, Research; by working closely with Universities from both BC and around the world to facilitate research studies, Government assistance; by providing new insights and possibilities in managing our juvenile wildlife in need.

Idea Details:

NLWS is ideally situated in a rural setting of 160 acres of land that borders a provincial park. This provides an ideal environment to raise orphaned large mammals such as bears. To accommodate the growing numbers of needy cubs that arrive from all over BC, expansion of the existing enclosures is crucial. NLWS is proud to be a leader in the wildlife rehab community in creating enclosures that offer the cubs as much natural stimulation as possible. Bears are highly intelligent and need opportunity to play and learn in order to develop into healthy adults. The remote setting of NLWS is offering all these aspects and more. Cubs are removed from the possibility of human habituation, the receive adequate nutrition to ensure a healthy growth and the enclosures meet their needs of entertainment and exercise. Post release monitoring has shown that cubs integrate well into their natural environment and that they have learned to avoid humans.


Expanding the existing enclosures, will enable NLWS to continue their bear cub rescue efforts and assist BC’S community in assisting these orphaned cubs. Most cubs are orphaned do to human interference, such as car or train accidents, legal and illegal shootings and loss of habitat. By accepting the orphaned cubs, NLWS is offsetting the human impact on our bear population while at the same time providing a unique opportunity for research and continued education.

Project Details

Heavy duty Chain link fencing $ 30000

Sheet Metal $ 5000

Lumber $ 14000

Gates $ 3000

Water pools $ 1000

Enrichment equipments $2000

Backhoe labour (to set poles and burry fencing in ground) $ 15000

Dens $3000

Roofing $ 20000

Miscellaneous $ 7000

Total: $100 000


Bear Cub Rehabilitation is an innovating new management option for our wildlife management. NLWS is currently the only government licensed grizzly bear cub facility in the world. They are leading the way in setting protocols, with the long-term goal of making bear cub rehabilitation an accepted and supported management tool worldwide.
1303 VOTES!!
Comment by Bear Rehabilitation on 4th November 2011
Way to go...We are in 48th Position and need to get to 30th or better to proceed to the next round. Voting Ends on Nov 9th and costs you nothing just 30 seconds of your time daily to give a bear cub a second chance at life....thank you everyone for taking 30 seconds!