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NEWS RELEASE · 1st November 2011
Randy Halyk
Well here you go, more to come.

Attended All the UBCM conferences and stood strong for Kitimat,

Attended all but one of the NCLGA conferences and stood strong for Kitimat,

Attended all the FCM conferences and stood strong for Kitimat,

Fought for Kitimatís rights at the UBCM Industrial Tax Conference,

Was active on the Eurocan Viability Group and supported the Eurocan Co-op plan,

Supported and promoted open dialogue with Haisla First Nation,

Worked with Tourism BC to promote Kitimat and help with the Tourism Foundation,

Previous Tourism Committee Chair and am still active,

Saved some Wolverines from certain death,

Served on and supported the Halibut task force at the NCLGA and the UBCM,

Helped organize the first Kitimat winter festival,

Served on Fishing Derby committee,

Served on the ARC Advisory Recreation Commission,

Served on the Family Court Commission,

Served on the Disabilities Commission,

Official Liaison to the Chamber of Commerce,

Moved important motions that support Kitimatís citizens and stood against nefarious motions,

Attended and participated in the Sport Fishing advisory Committee,

Supported and promoted our Hatchery at the DFO,

Supported good access to our fishing on the River and the Channel,

Supported responsible environmental stewardship and a sustainable community vision,

Served on the Enbridge CAB until it became apparent that it was a sham

Continue to communicate with Enbridge to protect Kitimatís interests,

Active Director on the Cultural Warming Basketball Tournament,

Supported accountability in Council chambers and stood for the rights of Kitimatís citizens,

Supported local businesses, I do not support sending money out of town i.e. Shames,

Supported responsible funding of local needy non-profit groups and initiatives,

Supported and promoted bear safe program for Kitimat,

Added more sanitary facilities and supported ongoing river bank cleanup,

Supported age friendly community both Youth and Elderly,

Supported new initiatives that promote an active lifestyle,

Established dialogue with leaders and future political leaders.
Interested Observer, Fond Of Kitimat
Comment by Steve Connolly on 7th November 2011
Randy, as a councilor, could you please answer the following question, not so much for me, but for the interest of Kitimat's citizens ...

"What specific/clear goals did you set to achieve town revitalization and which of these goals did you achieve during your term as councilor?"

Thank you.
Steve Connolly
2 cents worth
Comment by AJ on 3rd November 2011
It does appear that you have been involved in quite a few things but that being said as a tax payer within this community all i ever saw was a confrontational councilman with a axe to burn. Maybe if you spent as much time as you did butchering the current mayor and spent that on trying to be a functional part of counsel it would actually matter what you have done.
Between you and Gerd it was actually quite embarrassing for our community listening to you to talk at counsel. i personally just don't know what you actually have to offer this town in the Mayors position and frankly it scares me.
But theres more
Comment by Rory Brown on 2nd November 2011
Wow. I hope Randy didn't hurt himself patting himself on the back. He forgot to add being one of the biggest embarsements representing Kitimat ( next to Joanne). Don't forget these are the two people that have shown their true colors on Monday evenings for all to see. Once they are "retired" from council if they will get together at A and W to argue pubicly. This is our chance Kitimat. We can remove the two biggest problems with one vote. Vote Danny for Mayor. Its time for a change. Think about it, could he do any worse?
Now I'm not trying to tell others how to vote, this is just my opinion, and I'm voting for Danny and Phil. Good luck gentlemen.

Celine Dion's husband?
Comment by Danny Nunes on 2nd November 2011
google "Rene Angelil". The resemblance is amazing.
Sanitary Facilities?
Comment by Aaron von Schleinitz on 1st November 2011

When you say you "Added more sanitary facilities and supported ongoing river bank cleanup" are you talking about those portable toilets at the make shift camp ground across from the Eurocan pump house?