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CONTRIBUTION · 27th October 2011
Randy Halyk
Question One:
What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

Leadership Kitimat has suffered over the last few years from a lack of planning, when I was running my businesses it was mandatory to have a business plan, not just for the bank but because without one I would have just been living day to day and reacting to things rather than actually moving forward and accomplishing the goals that made my business profitable and stable.

Kitimat and Council needs goals and a plan so we are prepared for what comes our way, so we know how to address opportunities as well as obstacles in a proactive way not a reactive way. As a councillor I had the opportunity to become very involved in the issues facing Kitimat, and with that knowledge I am armed with insights that will hold me in good sted as your Mayor.

We are facing a new paradigm in Kitimat. When Modernization starts in earnest, and with an export licence in hand the KM LNG plant will likely announce an investment decision shortly. Shell is investing far in advance of submitting applications or announcing projects just to get a foothold here in Kitimat. This bodes well for the future of Kitimat but we must be diligent and make sure Kitimat is in a good position to benefit by being at the planning tables to ensure the community is respected and consulted and we are able to negotiate for Kitimatís best interests.

Accountability, and Integrity A business is accountable to its customers, if you donít perform they go else ware a Mayor and Council is accountable to you. If they donít perform what are the options? Elect a new Mayor and Council. Admittedly I am a member of Council and I to must take responsibility for my actions and I do.

Council hired three Consultants over the last three years to try and solve some issues the majority of council felt needed to be solved. The results were similar in all three cases, as the reports have not been released I can only reference comments found in publications authored by one of the consultants George Cuff. Comments taken from his book and other reports that are in the public domain state that a Mayor is not above council but a part of council, and that Council should always be informed when the Mayor has information that affects the community, and the Mayor when speaking is to support Councils wishes. Also Council should never speak of in camera items in public. I agree wholeheartedly with these excerpts. Therefore as your Mayor I will be inclusive and work with council not outside of it to accomplish the goals that your Council determine is the best course for Kitimat. Council will always be informed and supported and I will never speak of in camera items in public.

Question Two:
What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Kitimat?

I see a lack of communication resulting in a lack of cooperation between Kitimat Council, First Nations, the Provincial, and, Federal Government, industry, and Labour etc. If elected I will institute ongoing dialogue between all levels of government. As a councillor I have already initiated contact with Leaders and future leaders of First Nations, Local, Provincial, and Federal governments. And as your Mayor I will cultivate open and inclusive dialog with all.

Other important issues not in any specific order
∑ Need for Radley Park Revitalization
∑ The lack of access to port facilities for local commerce,
∑ a shortage of Marina space
∑ lack of designated public boat launch
∑ Lack of public access to the Kitimat Estuary
∑ lack of adequate funding for our Hatchery,
∑ No public access to the waterfront.
∑ Cost of ownership of Haisla Boulevard and the bridge,
∑ Only private access to the west side of the channel.
∑ need for a circle route to and from Terrace via the west side of the River,
∑ Shortage of Hotel rooms, accommodations, and conference facilities
∑ inadequate disabled services and infrastructure
∑ inadequate age friendly services and infrastructure
∑ inadequate Health care facilities
∑ inadequate communication with Labour and Industry
∑ Have I missed anything? Probably

.Question Three:
What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline is fraught with issues you can find my complete statement on the Kitimat Daily.

It should be noted that the Mayor and Council of Kitimat may not have any power to determine whether or not this project will be built, but those that have an opinion must stand and be counted. The Federal government has come out supporting the project before the review panel has had its hearings. History also shows us that the National Energy Boards JRP Joint Review Panel process has approved almost every project that has been evaluated. The panel is made up of industry insiders and not one of them lives in BC. The process does appear to be stacked in favour of approval.

Giving away our natural resources to be refined or manufactured in other countries just to be sold back to us is hard to swallow. Our resources could support countless jobs and provide substantial economic value here in Canada but only if we process those resources here. Canadian environmental standards are more stringent than most other countries so doing it here makes sense for the planet.

Canada must not just maintain but improve our regulations and be the leader in environmental sustainability. When our resources are sent off to other countries with lesser pollution controls the world loses, it not just climate change that we have to be concerned about but pollution and its effects on all of us. The Northern Gateway Pipeline will produce few sustainable jobs for Kitimat; and any economic benefit would be wiped out with just one oil spill. We must protect our Kitimat River and Douglas Channel.

Question Four:
When we started this election, there were thirteen candidates for Alderman. This number has dropped to twelve. Is thirteen a lucky number for Kitimat or is Twelve? Why?

Numbers are just numbers. I wish everyone luck. This is a sign that the people of Kitimat are looking for change and leadership. That is why I ran three years ago, that is why I am running for Mayor today. I look forward to the future of Kitimat. There are big changes in the wind and we need open minds, willing hearts and the ability to listen, I can provide strong leadership to run this community professionally and respectfully.

Question Five;

I support open dialogue I will listen and respond to your voices, create community polling or have public meetings on contentious issues. I wonít throw your tax dollars away on proposals that have no economic value for Kitimat. Letís work together to improve Kitimat in a responsible and sustainable way and not get bogged down with issues that have little or no value for the community. Bring Council a good idea and we will work on it as a team.

I will continue to cultivate a good working relationship with the City Manager, the Administration and the Employees of the district as well as our Industrial partners and their Employees, and you the citizens of Kitimat.

Say Yes Elect Randy for Mayor
Comment by Danny Nunes on 27th October 2011
"Bring Council a good idea and we will work on it as a team."

This was the quote that really stood out for me and tells me that there could finally be some real potential to come before council and get some ideas out there that will be listened to and acted upon.

Good answers.